Welcome to the 2024 Professional Reading List. I create this list each year at this time to share books and e-letters that help me keep my finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry. I hope you will check out these resources to learn about each publication and subscribe to those e-letters that ‘talk to you’ and ‘help you’ navigate the complex healthcare system.

We all need to read and stay current on clinical innovations and practice changes to succeed. The books, e-letters, and special reports shared in this year’s Professional Reading List will help you become better informed and aware of how to improve your skills and competencies.

Review the list, click on the links, choose the ones you want to subscribe to, and bookmark. Most of the e-letters are free, so feel free to subscribe so you get them in your inbox.

If you get an e-letter that has educated you this past year, please email me the name and link so I can check it out and add it to the list!

Let’s start with new books that came out this year and are important to the times we live and work in!

Each year, I cover new books written by Nurses, case managers, and other healthcare professionals impacting healthcare. If you know of other books that should reach healthcare professionals, please let me know so I can add them and be on the lookout for them as they are published.

Dr. Colleen Morely, Case Management Leader and Hospital Case Manager Executive, wrote two essential books every department should have. They are:

A Practical Guide to Acute Care Case Management: The Day to Day “How To Be An Acute Care Case Manager” Resource. This book is an excellent guide and reference for case managers entering the acute care practice setting. It accurately provides clear information and training regarding the role of an acute care case manager, along with case studies and expert mentoring, all in a single resource. To learn more, https://www.amazon.com/Practical-Guide-Acute-Care-Management/dp/1943889163

A Practical Guide to Hospital Readmission Reduction. In a world where case managers, hospital administrators, and care coordinators face the daunting challenge of reducing hospital readmissions, the need for a practical guide to navigate this complex landscape has never been more pressing. Enter ‘A Practical Guide to Hospital Readmission Reduction’, a captivating and indispensable resource that offers a roadmap to break the cycle of rehospitalization and ensure optimal patient outcomes. To learn more: https://bluebayoupress.com/books/a-practical-guide-to-hospital-readmission-reduction/

Dr. Ellen Fink Samnick, Social Worker and Case Management Leader wrote: The Ethical Case Manager: Tools and Tactics. Whether you are a health professional transitioning to case management or already working, The Ethical Case Manager: Tools and Tactics is your indispensable resource to guide case management’s unique legal and ethical practices. The Ethical Case Manager: Tools & Tactics provides a practical approach to addressing the healthcare industry’s most compelling ethical dilemmas. Knowledge of the ethical situations case managers face daily is blended with regulatory requirements, ethical decision-making models, and critical resources. To learn more, visit https://rb.gy/slepse

NOTE: Dr. Samnick has a new book coming soon. The title of the book is Behavioral Health for Case Management. It should be out this fall. Here is the link from the publisher to learn more and to receive updates. https://bluebayoupress.com/books/behavioral-health-for-case-management/

Michelle Crook, BSN, RN, CCM, wrote: The Wellness Journal for Nurses. The book is a valuable tool for all nurses, regardless of their practice setting or years of experience. Step into this guided self-care journey and enjoy the support, positivity, and encouragement. Michelle is a Certified Case Manager and Board-Certified Patient Advocate with a wealth of experience in clinical and business healthcare settings. She has been a strong patient and family advocate and a nurse empowerment leader throughout her nursing career. Michelle is also a published author; her love of writing is evident in her numerous articles, blogs, patient education pieces, and other creative works. The publication of this Wellness Journal for Nurses has been on her bucket list for many years, and she is thrilled to share it with you! To learn more: https://www.amazon.com/Wellness-Journal-Nurses-Journey-Self-Care/dp/B0CPT33ZYR

Dr. Mansur Hasib recommended two books. In them, He outlines approaches and pragmatic solutions to developing your brand. To make his approach relatable, he writes from experience and shares his journey in the cybersecurity industry.

“Bring Inner Greatness Out: Personal Brand” is about individual self-discovery, economic empowerment, career transitions, and breakthrough professional success. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L5Y7DF1

“Cybersecurity Leadership” was written to foster organizational innovation culture, developing leaders and teams, ethical leadership, and organizational change management. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1087981123

Susan Hassmiller wrote: Taking Action: Top 10 Priorities to Promote Health Equity and Well-being in Nursing 1st Edition”. The crucible of the global pandemic, racial injustice, and a crippling nursing shortage has sparked increasing calls for nursing to address its problems from inequity to structural racism. In response, authors Susan B. Hassmiller and Gaea A. Daniel enlisted nearly 70 national and international nursing leaders to tackle the profession’s most pressing issues.

Taking Action: Top 10 Priorities to Promote Health Equity and Well-Being in Nursing spotlights 10 critical themes through data, essays, discussion points, and action items, equipping readers to move beyond conversation to action. To learn more, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Taking-Action-Priorities-Promote-Well-Being/dp/1646482026

Kasey Pacheco wrote The Burnout Prevention Workbook to help nurses and business leaders like you find practical strategies to help navigate the complex blend of personal and professional responsibilities. To learn more, visit: https://www.preserversoflife.com/webinar-registration

Nurse leader Sharon Weinstein and her colleague Dina Readinger produced Healing Healthcare: Evidenced-Based Strategies to Mend Our Broken System. The book explores the intricate challenges within the healthcare landscape post-pandemic and offers solutions for change. They brought nurse leaders from academia, practice, and the community together to share their expertise and provide tips that readers can use in their settings. Healing Healthcare is a collaborative effort that serves as a beacon of hope, paving the way for a truly healed and resilient healthcare system. To sign up for updates and the release date, click here. https://healbrokenhealthcare.com

Professional Newsletters and Publications

As licensed professionals, we must keep up to date with news from your State Board and Professional Organizations. In my case, I am a nurse in Florida and look forward to getting Florida Nurse,  the monthly newsletter from the Florida Board of Nursing. To learn more, go to: https://www.floridanurse.org/page/TFN

American Nurse Journal, the official, clinically and career-focused journal of the American Nurses Association (ANA), is a fresh voice of nursing across America. The printed journal reaches more than 200,000 dedicated nurses in many specialties and practice settings, and the site serves over two million visitors annually. American Nurse Journal is a peer-reviewed journal indexed in the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). CINAHL databases are the most widely used and respected research tools for nurses, students, and allied health professionals around the globe. Here is a link to review subscription options: https://www.myamericannurse.com/digital-journal-subscribe

CMSA Newsletter: Keep up to date on what’s happening nationally and with the local chapters of the Case Management Society of America is possible by reading the organization’s monthly newsletter. To learn more, visit: https://www.naylornetwork.com/cmsapulse/newsletter-v4.asp?issueID=91077

CMSA Advocacy: In these disruptive times, staying updated with local, state, and Federal Lawmakers is essential. The Case Management Society of America has a proactive public policy committee that supports policies and initiatives that are important for case managers, the patients they serve, and the healthcare systems and payers that pay the claims. To learn more https://cmsa.org/advocacy

CMSA Today: CMSA Today is the official publication of the Case Management Society of America. The magazine lays the body of knowledge for case managers in all settings. To read past issues, go to? https://cmsatoday.com

CMSA Blog: Stay informed on the most recent updates and best practices for case managers. Gain insight from peers in the field as well as leading experts. From legislative initiatives to real-world applications for the latest practices, the CMSA Blog is the go-to resource for new and seasoned case managers. Find every perspective HERE! https://cmsa.org/publications/blog

Note: All of these publications offer opportunities for you to write and share best practices. Here is a link to the author’s guidelines. https://cmsatoday.com/author-guidelines

Industry E-letters:

E-newsletters are composed of short articles that share information on various topics. I get some newsletters daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. I scan these as they come across my desk. Occasionally, I comment after I read an article and feel I can contribute and share advice or leave an opinion. Sometimes, I will write to the editor of the e-letter if I am so moved. Here is a sampling of some e-newsletters that come across my desk daily, weekly, or monthly. Most of these are free, so check them out and subscribe to keep your finger on the pulse!

E-newsletters are composed of short articles that share information on various topics. I get some newsletters daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. I scan these as they come across my desk. Occasionally, I comment after I read an article and feel I can contribute and share advice or leave an opinion. Sometimes, I will write to the editor of the e-letter if I am so moved. Here is a sampling of some e-newsletters that come across my desk daily, weekly, or monthly. Most of these are free, so check them out and subscribe so you can keep your finger on the pulse!

AHIMA: The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is the leading voice and authority in health information, wherever it is found. Our people work at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business. To learn more, visit: https://www.ahima.org/news-publications/publications/newsletters

AHIP SmartBriefs: AHIP is the national association whose members provide health care coverage, services, and solutions to hundreds of millions of Americans daily. Here is a link to their Newsletters: https://www.ahip.org/ahip-newsletters

Bearingon.Health is a new e-letter that delivers original content, curated highlights from the web, the latest trends, and breakthrough analyses directly to your inbox. Whether you’re part of a healthcare provider, health plan, pharmaceutical, digital medicine company, or wellness enthusiast, join our community to remain informed and empowered. Explore the ever-evolving impact of digital technology on health and healthcare today and tomorrow. I have had the privilege of writing several articles to represent the consumers and the healthcare team, learning how to use new technologies to improve care delivery. To learn more and subscribe, go to https://www.bearingon.health/home

Becker’s Healthcare: Becker’s Healthcare is the go-to source for healthcare decision-makers and one of the fastest-growing media platforms in the industry. Through print, digital, and live event platforms, Becker’s Healthcare equips healthcare leaders with the information and forums they need to learn, exchange ideas, and further conversations about the most critical issues in American healthcare. To learn more, visit: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com

Healthcare Daily Dive: Today’s news and insights for healthcare leaders. A good e-publication that allows you to choose e-letters on several topics. To learn more, visit: https://link.healthcaredive.com/view/57239dc1a227620b268b4793l44tg.o5s/dd33187a

HealthExecWeek provides a weekly wealth of business intelligence and insights covering the spectrum of subjects filling the healthcare arena. To learn more, visit https://healthexecweek.com 

Managed Care Matters is an e-newsletter by Joe Paduda from Health Strategy Associates. It delivers timely and actionable advice to help clients build their brands, enter new markets, differentiate their services, increase sales, and make wise acquisitions. We bring an unbiased, open approach to your company’s challenges and opportunities. He draws on years of experience, continuous industry analysis, and a keen understanding of economic drivers to help you make the right moves. To learn more, visit https://www.joepaduda.com

MedPage Today is a trusted source for clinical news coverage across medical specialties. To learn more, go to: https://www.medpagetoday.com

Medscape for Nurses: The publication offers the latest medical news and expert perspectives across essential points of care. Medscape membership is free and gives unlimited access to the entire network of sites and services. To learn more: https://www.medscape.com/for-you

National Academy of Medicine Perspectives: The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) is one of three academies that comprise the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies) in the United States. The e-newsletter covers interesting topics related to health and science. To learn more: https://nam.edu/publications

NEJM Catalyst brings together healthcare executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians to share innovative ideas and practical applications for enhancing the value of healthcare delivery. Our digital, peer-reviewed journal, live-streamed events, and Insights Council provide real-life examples and actionable solutions to help organizations address urgent healthcare challenges. To learn more, visit https://catalyst.nejm.org/about

Numerof & Associates: An e-newsletter that looks at changes in the macro environment – in market expectations, regulation, technology, or the competitive landscape – often disrupts business models. We connect the dots, translating market shifts into clear implications, precise, actionable insights, and roadmaps for people, processes, and strategy. To sign up for their newsletter, go to https://nai-consulting.com
SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. Because our work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and thanks to our network of 10,000+ volunteers, they can deliver our services at no charge or an affordable cost. SCORE programs can be found across the country. Here is the SCORE program that I subscribe to in my area https://www.score.org/broward

Wellworth Advisors: This beautiful e-letter shares information we can all use as we navigate the complex healthcare system. Please read it for yourself and share it with others. Check it out! https://www.wellworthadvisors.com

WorkersCompensation.com is the nation’s largest, most visited, and most trusted source of essential services and information for the workers’ compensation community. They offer the latest news, event calendars, state rules, statute updates, and numerous other services built to help thousands of workers’ compensation professionals excel at their jobs every day.

Editors Note: I write a weekly column for this newsletter. Check out my column, Case Management Focus at https://www.workerscompensation.com/tag/case-management.  I hope you will check it out and share it with your worker’s compensation colleagues.

Offerings from Anne Llewellyn, YOUR NURSE ADVOCATE

I also offer some of the writings/publications that I have done over the past few years. Feel free to download them, read them, and share them. To access it, visit the Resource Section of my website, Nurse Advocate. https://nursesadvocates.com/resources

Please also subscribe to my Blog, Nurse Advocate. Most Tuesdays at 8 am, I send you my weekly Blog Post to allow you to ponder a topic or a situation that I share to raise awareness, educate, empower, and inspire you to make a difference. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! To subscribe to the Blog, go to https://nursesadvocates.com/blog

This year’s Professional Reading list offers you information you can use to stay current and contribute to improving our complex healthcare system. If you have publications you would like to add, please email me at allewellyn48@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!











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