Last week my husband and I explored the Greek Isles via the Viking Sea. In preparing for our trip, I reviewed the route we would take and tried to decide which excursions we wanted to take as we visited each Island. From my research, I knew the journey would be rugged. Many people brought walking sticks to support them as we navigated steps, hills, and challenging terrain.

Our cruise ship sailed the Aegean Sea and visited several Greek islands, including Athens, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Volos, Ephesus, Thessaloníki, and Nafplio. Each Island has thousands of years of history that we tried to grasp via tour guides who explained the history and showed us the high points of each Island.

We had beautiful weather, which made the trip enjoyable. Temperatures were 65-70 with low humidity. I could not imagine doing what we did in the rain, so we were lucky. The trip was rugged, with climbing hills and cobbled stone streets that made walking challenging. Most of the streets were narrow, winding, and filled with wonderful smells from people cooking and busy with tourists and the local community.

Our home for 11 days was the Viking Sea. It was a beautiful ship with comfortable areas to meet new friends and watch as we navigated the various islands. The excellent crew went out of their way to make everyone’s trip a memory we will never forget. There were multiple restaurants to try and a general dining area where you could go if you did not want a formal dinner. Because the weather was nice, so we could even eat outside! There were enrichment talks each night designed to maximize the onshore discoveries. The talks were given by archeologists and historians who explained how teams excavated the various areas to unearth and piece together the history of the Island. The dress was casual, so it was comfortable for touring during the day and relaxing in the evenings.

It was an amazing journey that I am grateful I got to take. To learn more, you can visit the website and get a taste of our journey! We are already planning our next adventure. Any suggestions?

Have a good week!


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