Each year at this time, I compile two lists to share with readers and followers of Nurse Advocate. The first is my Annual Professional Reading List and the second is my Annual Summer Reading List.

By way of this post, I am asking you to send me the lists of your favorite books, newsletters and magazines that you look forward to receiving either electronically or via the US Post Office that you read to keep you up to date professionally and personally.

If you have written a book this year, in the area of health and wellness, leadership, self development or other category, please share the title and where readers can review/purchase it. I will be glad to add to my Professional Reading List that will go out on June 23rd. Please have your recommendations to me by June 20th  via email at  [email protected]

The 2nd list is my Annual Summer Reading list which is a lighter and fun assignment. This list compiles your favorite reads – the books that let you escape, relax and pass time on the beach, by the pool or in your backyard. Recommendations can be new books or long time favorites or classics that you love and have read over and over again.

I like to get this list out right before the 4th of July, so please send me your list recommendations by June 26th so I can send out on June 30th. Please include the title of the book, the author and why you liked the book. Please email your recommendations to me at  [email protected]

Both are popular lists because of YOUR contributions. Thank you in advance for helping me compile each list.

Have a good week.

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