What is a ChatBot? Take a few minutes to read this article to learn more. Chatbots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools are becoming part of everyday life.

Here is an example of a recent run-in I had!

I was trying to upgrade my Vimeo account and had a few questions about the best plan for me. I had been on a free account but was notified when I went to save a few files that I was out of space and needed to upgrade my account to continue saving files.

So I started reading the information on the website about the various plans, but the page did not give me the answer I was looking for. I also searched the site for a number to reach customer support but could not find one.

I noted a little icon with a person’s face at the bottom of the page, so I clicked on it. A dialogue page popped up that asked me what my question was. I typed in my question. Seconds later, an answer came back. I read it, but it did not answer my questions. I rephrased the question and pushed send. Another reply came back that I still needed to answer my question.

Getting frustrated, I typed in are you a human? The answer came back, telling me they did not understand my question.

Now, screaming at the computer,  typed in ‘connect me to a human being.’ The answer came back, telling me I could only speak to a human being if I purchased the enterprise package. I replied that I might purchase the enterprise package, but I needed to talk to someone to answer my questions and make an informed decision. The ChatBot sent me a link to the pricing page.

I put in how to contact sales and got a message asking me to email the sales department. I sent the email. A day later, I started an email conversation, always ending with the question of whether I wanted to talk to a live person.

Finally, someone called me and explained the various plans. They listened to my needs and helped me decide on my best strategy. The person was very friendly, and I appreciated the advice/support.

Since then, I have communicated with other ChatBots and remain frustrated, but I am getting used to writing questions and being more concise. I have been reading about communicating with chatbots and sharing the following resources with you: they are here to stay.

On the healthcare side, ChatBots take surveys after doctor/hospital visits, make and confirm appointments, send medication reminders, and provide general health information to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. According to NIH, chatbots have demonstrated significant potential in managing routine tasks, processing vast amounts of data, and reducing workflow burdens for healthcare professionals and consumers.

Everything I read tells me technology will not replace healthcare professionals and the expertise they bring. The challenge will be educating people (patients and caregivers) on how to use the technology as it is rolled out.

Technology will continue to disrupt the healthcare system, so all stakeholders need to do their best to add artificial intelligence and machine learning to list of professional development topics programs so we can all use them to improve our work and care delivery.

If you have never heard of chatbots, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, I have provided some resources that will bring you up to date. Look for these technologies in your life, and send me a note as to how you found them!


ChatBot Best Practices: https://www.chatbot.com/chatbot-best-practices

How to talk to a ChatBot. https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-talk-to-a-chatbot#:~:text=3.,the%20platform%20you’re%20using

How to talk an Artificial Intelligence:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/interactive/2023/how-to-talk-ai-chatbot-chatgpt

10 Ways Chatbots are Disrupting Healthcare: https://appinventiv.com/blog/chatbots-in-healthcare-industry





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