Last week I had my second annual visit with my Hematologist. As a Brain Tumor Survivor, I look forward to seeing Dr. Lossos. I know I am doing well, but having him validate that is a comfort to me. I am grateful for another good appointment.

After eight years, we have learned a lot about each other. At each visit, he does a thorough examination and asks me how I am doing. He looks at me medically but also asks about my life, work, and how Corky is doing. I always ask him how he and his family are doing. His answer is always fine; I am fine. He is a man of few  words, but he is the doctor who saved my life, and for that, I am grateful.

As we ended the visit, he said I am doing well and to let him know if anything changes. He said he would like to see me in a year. I asked him if I could do a telemedicine visit vs. coming to Miami. He said, “No, I need to examine you .”I said, OK, but I think you are the only doctor still doing a complete physical examination! He just shook his head. But this is the kind of doctor he is – very thorough, pays attention to details, and is interested in each of his patients and for this I am grateful.

Despite a two-hour wait to see him, I left the office happy that Dr. Lossos is my doctor and continue to be grateful as he saved my life!

Thanks for reading Nurse Advocate. I will be off for the next two weeks. I am taking a little vacation to the Greek Isles. I will be back on May 2nd!


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