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Anne is passionate in what she does as a Case Manager and a Nurse Advocate. She loves to work with people to who are looking for new directions and help them to reach past their comfort zone to achieve their professional’s goals. Click here to read a few of the testimonials from those Anne has worked with recently.


Connie Phillips-Jones RN, MSN, CCM, CPHQConnie Phillips-Jones RN, MSN, CCM, CPHQ, Director Clinical Programs

Anne, thank you so much for training my team here at the Orange Care Group on Case Management Basics on October 17, 2017. The training was thorough and engaging. Care/Case management concepts within the context of accountable care with real-life examples made the session worthwhile. My staff has the clinical expertise, but need stronger knowledge of case management concepts. This training provided a benchmark that will help them become familiar with their role as case managers which is critical to our success. The Care Management team was energized after your session. I hope to have you back soon for more.



Chriss Wheeler, RN, MSN, CCMChriss Wheeler, RN, MSN, CCM, Owner/Consultant/Professional Case Manager, Innovative Care Consultants, LLC

While earning my MSN I had a faculty member tell me to “find a mentor and be a mentor.”  Looking back over years I have had many formal and informal mentors who have helped shape me and my nursing career.  Anne Llewellyn has been an instrumental mentor in my personal and professional life. We have known each other for several years.

When I started my business, I sought Anne out to be my mentor. I knew I needed someone to help keep me focused, ask questions, offer suggestions and encouragement. I am so appreciative of our touch base sessions and the friendship we have developed. Each of us does not get through life as a lone ranger. I encourage each of you to “find a mentor and be a mentor.” Anne thank you for being that mentor for me. I hope others will reach out to you and reap the benefits of your expertise, caring ways and your passion for advocacy.


Maura Lessard RN, BSN, CCM Case ManagerMaura Lessard RN, BSN, CCM, Case Manager


You are a kind and generous person and I appreciate your time so very much for spending so much time with me by phone yesterday.  The resources you have shared will be very helpful and I particularly liked the reassurance from you that I did not have to take a deep dive into exploring all of them right away; I, in particular, need those reminders.

Much appreciated,




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