Content Writing

Content Writing

I am a nurse and award winning digital journalist who writes content to share with the public to
assist them with understanding how to navigate the complex healthcare system.
My goal is to help people prepare for a healthcare event that can impact their lives
their finances, their ability to work, and their overall health. I share tips that the
average person can use when they are thrust into the healthcare system. My
writing can help to ensure they are an actively involved in their care. This will
have them make sure their healthcare is safe, coordinated and meets their needs.

As a nurse and a case manager, I have seen how a life event can impact the person
as well as their family. Learning how to navigate the healthcare system, insurance
companies and other services is a skill that most people don’t have. My writings will
help people be an active member of the healthcare team and use their voice to ask
questions and share their goals and wishes with all members of the healthcare team.

To learn more, and to read a few of my writings please click on these links.

Taking Care of Yourself First:

How to Plan for a Successful Retirement:

If you have a corporate newsletter, I would love to provide content for your
employees to help them learn how they can be successful in their healthcare

Feel free to email to set up a time to discuss ways we can get information
out to your team. My email is

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