Leading Group Discussions

Looking for a leader to inspire your group and empower them to discuss topics that are challenging and important to today’s disruptive healthcare environment. Anne will empower your team to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas that will improve their practice and the outcomes your team can produce. Click to read a testimonial on her recent work with the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

Trish TorreyAnne Llewellyn’s reputation as a successful advocate and exemplary educator compelled The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates to develop its “Connect with Anne” series. Just her name says it all! Tackling topics such as “How to Deal with Resistant Providers” and “Coordinating Second Opinions” allows participating members to tap into Anne’s knowledge.  She shares best practices, conducts Q&A, and receives rave reviews for her work with them. APHA is pleased and proud to support Anne’s work with our members.  Trisha Torrey is Founder, Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.


I participated in the Telemedicine Webinar and the “Open Mike” call in this week. You were the force behind both of them. I want to thank youRosemary Geisel, BCPA for the time, effort, and professional expertise that you generously give back to the health care field generally and patient advocacy specifically. I really appreciate it.

Roseanne Geisel, BCPA

Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC


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