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Anne has shared her story of being a patient, a nurse advocate and a healthcare leader in radio, TV and other mediums. She is inspiring and practical in discussing issues that impact the patient as well as all members of the healthcare team. Anne uses her expertise to offer solutions that consumers and healthcare professionals can use to improve the delivery of care. Click below to listen and watch some of her recent interviews.

Zoom Roundtable on Day 5 of the World Summit: Reflecting on COVID 19 and Moving Forward. Exiting to be part of this distinguished panel to discuss many of the challenges we are facing today. Click to listen to the discussion. 

Zoom Interview with Jeff Weinberg , President, Caregiver Champion. Jeff and I sat down to talk about Patient Advocacy: what is how, why it is important and how to find an advocate. I was the co-producer of this event.

In this radio interview, I talk to Christy Hendricks Founder of RNiie about how I come up with content for my Blog, Nurse Advocate. Listen here.
RNiie (sounds like “Arnie”), a membership network of nurse innovators, influencers, and entrepreneurs. The RNiie Network was built to bring these nurses together for enhanced networking, collaboration, relationship building, learning, and business growth. RNiie knows that traditional networks, groups, or associations are set up in a way that mutes your message, stifles your innovation development, or thwarts your business promotion. How can you get seen, heard, or funded that way?! Developing collaborative relationships is at the core of our membership model. RNiie does this through features uniting nurses and invested parties in mutually beneficial ways. To learn more about RNiie, click here.

Breast Friends Radio Show | Coming Back After a Life-Changing Detour

Date of Recording: September 22, 2017, Hosted by Sharon Henifin, CN-BA and Becky Olson, CN-BA

Breast FriendsBreast Friends helps women and families deal with the emotional upheaval of cancer. Our show offers advice and provides hope to the patients and survivors while teaching their friends and family how to provide significant and helpful support to their loved ones. The show benefits patients, as well as their friends and family members in several ways: Patients benefit because they find hope and inspiration in hearing stories of survival not only from the co-hosts but also from our guests. Their friends and family members benefit by learning ways to support their loved ones and understand her journey a bit better. Each week we will introduce a different topic and provide resources that are sure to create interest and provide additional support to the patients and their families.

Anne Llewellyn was interviewed on September 22, 2017. Anne provided tips from her journey as a brain cancer survivor. Sharon, Becky, and Anne had a lively discussion of what is like to hear the words you have cancer and how with the support of family, friends and a skilled healthcare team you can come back after a life-changing event. Listen to the interview by clicking here

Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio can be heard live every Friday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel.


David SaltzmanShift Shapers Podcasts showcases industry leaders who are taking the transformative shifts in the insurance and employee benefits industry and shaping them into new business models, products, and best practices. The podcast reaches nearly 10,000 insurance professionals.

David Saltzman, transformation specialists interviewed Anne Llewellyn on October 16, 2017. In this episode, Anne discusses how the need for Patient Advocacy has grown and why she and other colleagues are pushing for standards and certification for patient advocates. There is more to the patient experience than the treatment alone. Learn how having an advocate puts patients at the center of the healthcare universe. Click here to listen to the interview.



Radio & TV Interviews 3Change of Shift, Zoom Interview

Change of Shift offers resources, support, and online courses of interest to nurse entrepreneurs and those nurses looking for options outside of traditional settings. Christy Hendricks, the owner of Change of Shift, helps nurse entrepreneurs with branding, strategic marketing, and expert positioning. She operates an online school by the same name, where nurse entrepreneurs can find training in topics essential to building a successful online presence.

Christy and Anne Llewellyn had a spirited discussion about the emerging role of patient advocacy for nurses who are looking to move beyond the bedside. To watch the Zoom interview, click here    

To learn about how you can prepare for your change of shift visit the website click here

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