2017 was a year of growth, learning and experimenting with new tools and resources to helped me to be productive and realize the topics that resonate most with readers.

In 2017 I wrote 28 Blog posts on a variety of topics. I remained focused on my twofold mission of one: educating and empowering consumers and caregivers so they can better navigate the complex healthcare system. Two: A call to action for members of the healthcare team to recognize the patient is the reason we are all in business and the importance of helping them navigate the system.
The healthcare system is designed for the healthcare system and not the people who use it.  As consumers are using their voice to let all members of the team know what is important to them, the status quo is changing.
To understand how my posts performed, I reviewed analytical tools to learn which topics struck a chord with readers and which ones did not. This information helps me know what issues, trends and experiences resonate with readers. This year, safety was definitely a theme that hit a cord. It is empowering to read the comments, see the number of shares for various post and realize the information I share is making a difference.
In addition to Blogging, I attend a number of conferences that contributed to my own professional development and allowed me to keep up with issues, challenges, and trends impacting the healthcare system. As a Digital Journalist, I shared the information I learned with colleagues and others who I am connected through social media.
I also had the opportunity to participate in three radio interviews and share information on the emerging practice of patient advocacy. As a nurse turned patient, it is my strong belief that every person needs an advocate when they enter the healthcare system. There is simply too much going on for one person, especially when that person is sick, scared and at their most venerable point to go it alone. The advocate can be a family member, a friend or a professional advocate depending on the needs of the person. If you would like to listen to them, I have embedded the links into the title of each interview.
In 2018, I hope to continue on projects that bring me purpose and improve the delivery of care for patients across the care continuum.
As has been my tradition for the past three years, I am sharing the top ten post from Nurse Advocate for 2017. If you have not read them, take a minute to review and feel free to share the links with those who might benefit. Thank you for reading Nurse Advocate. All the best in 2018.
1.  I Have Bad News was the number one post in 2017. I believe it struck a chord as we all have heard ‘bad news’ at one time or another in our lives. The key is how we handle the news. Being prepared and having a support system is important when challenges sideline us.
2. Ensuring Safe Transitions of Care: We Can and should do better: Trying to find ways to ensure safe transitions of care is on everyone’s radar. This post shared a story of a friend of mine who had a serious mishap after foot surgery. The mishap caused her to have a serious injury that caused a readmission, a major surgery and months of pain and suffering. We have to do better.
3. 2017 Professional Reading List was the second highest post in 2017. I was glad to share new books written by various healthcare professionals on topics that challenge all members of the healthcare team. Take a look at the list and choose a few books to enhance your professional development.
4. Taking Ownership: this post highlighted a phone call I had with an Apple Care Team member when my phone was not performing well. I was impressed with the person and the culture that Apple instills in their workers to take ownership of a problem till it is resolved. As I looked back on the experience, I wondered why members of the healthcare team don’t take ownership when issues arise. So much is shifted to the patient who doesn’t have the knowledge to resolve so many of the issues that arise. Let me know what you think.
5. Everyone needs an advocate when they are thrust into the complex world of healthcare: This post shared who advocates are, how to find one and why they are needed. Due to the complexity of our healthcare system having an advocate when entering the healthcare system is a must. Looking back on my own situation, I have no doubt that having an advocate when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor saved my life.
6. 2017 Summer Reading List: I put out my Summer Reading list each year as it gives those who review the list find a way to find a good read when they take time to relax. Check out the list!
7. Cost, Quality, and Access: The Three Ingredients for a Stable Health Care System: I believe this post resonated with so many people due to the political discourse we are having in our country over healthcare. Let me know what you think.

8. The Passing of My Cousin This post resonated with many as we all have lost a family member or friend suddenly. It shakes us to our core and makes us realize how short is so it is important we don’t take things for granted.

9. Seven Tips for Healing when you are faced with your own mortality due to a diagnosis or realize you have a permanent injury after an accident, it takes time to heal. In this post, I shared 7 tips I learned that helped me heal. Hope they help you!
10. Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing: It is up to each of us to be responsible for our own health and wellbeing. This post shared some ideas how we can do this better. Our health is precious, and we need to do we can to safeguard it.
Thank you again for following Nurse Advocate. I hope all of the posts have given you insights and allowed you to take the pause from your everyday lives. If you have suggestions for future topics, please let me know so I can cover them in a future post.
A Happy and Healthy 2018 to you and yours!


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