Happy New Year! As we bring in the New Year, I wish you and your families have a happy, healthy, and productive year.

I love this time of the year as it gives us all a new start, a clean slate if you will. It is a time that we open a new calendar, a new journal, and look at the year with opportunities and new goals.  It also begs the question: What Will It Bring? As we know, no one can predict the future. So my advice is to stay positive and make your plan. Take one day at a time and live your life to the fullest!

As I begin the year, here are my top Four goals:

  • I commit to writing a Blog Post at least three times a month. If you have ideas on topics you would like to learn more about; please feel free to email me. Your input helps me explore new ideas.
  • I commit to doing at least two VLOGS (voice blogs) in 2020. I may do more, but I don’t want to overcommit. Look for one in the coming weeks.
  • I commit to going to at least ten conferences in 2020. I will share insights and updates on trends and innovative work with you after each. Last year I attended 16 conferences. That was a lot, so this year, I want to be a little more conservative. To check out my schedule, visit the Finding Anne on my website, Nurse Advocate. If you are attending a conference this year, email me the name of the conference and the link to their website so I can check it out and possibly attend. I love to learn and share information with you, the readers of Nurse Advocate, so let me know where you are heading, and maybe we can meet!
  • I hope to open my mentoring portal to assist healthcare professionals looking to enhance their career goals. Look for this in the coming weeks!

More ideas are swirling around in my head, but I want to narrow the focus and accomplish these goals before adding more. So stay tuned as the year moves forward. If you want to share your goals for 2020, feel free to leave a post in the comment section. At the very least, write down your goals and keep them in a place you can revisit to see how you are doing. Having goals gives us a plan to move forward!

Again, Happy New Year to you and yours! All the best in 2020.

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