The 2022 Professional Reading List

I am starting this year’s Professional reading list with two quotes that are appropriate for today’s time. The first is “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” Herbert Spencer. The second is Change is the end result of all true learning.” by Leo Buscaglia.

Today our world is in turmoil, and it is up to each of us to learn, share accurate information and teach others what we know so they can be better in all aspects of their lives. To do this, WE must be educated. As healthcare professionals it is our obligation to continuously learn.

To assist YOU, I share my 2022 Professional Reading list. These are the newsletters and other resources that I  read to stay up to date on healthcare as well as events happening around the world. I hope you will check them out and choose a few that will help you learn!

To view the past Professional Reading Lists, visit the following links:







1440: a new e-newsletter! 1440 is an independent, employee-owned company, not affiliated with any larger media outlet. Here is what they say: At 1440, we are driven by a never-ending passion to learn. Everything we do is shaped by a relentless desire to understand our community, country, world, and universe. We believe you should never stop asking questions; curiosity is contagious. To learn more and join go to

Benefits PRO Newsletters: An excellent newsletter that will keep you up to date on business information.

Managed Care Matters: Joe Padua shares insights, opinions and analysis on the managed care and workers comp industry. He draws a sophisticated audience that post comments to articles that show the diversity in thought in a complex and ever-changing industry. To subscriber:

Washington Post: Carolyn Hax: Started reading this newsletter this year. It is new, refreshing and cutting edge. Check it out at

Remington Report: I have followed Lisa Remington for years. She presents information on hospitals and other settings that help me learn and keep up to date. You can subscribe to her newsletter at

WCI News: an interesting newsletter for those in the area of workers compensation. News is timely and reported objectively.

Health Affairs Newsletter: my go to newsletter for all in healthcare.

NCQA Newsletter: NCQA is the leading accreditation body in healthcare. They have excellent education program throughout the year. Review the site and sign up!

Social Media Sites

I hope you will join me on social media on:

Facebook @

LinkedIn @

Twitter @

Aliginable: is a growing site that I have been on for a few years. It is a good way to network and meet new people in your area of practice. To learn more, click here

Clubhouse is a new one that is growing. I am going to join this so I can check it out. If you are on it, let me know what you think! Check it out at

Special Reports

In my special reports I try to share information that will empower patients, caregivers and all members of the healthcare team. Check out a few of the Special Reports that I updated this year. These reports cover various area that are pertinent to professionals in case management, patient advocacy and nursing. View them all at

We are Made of our Stories: Stories from a Nurse Advocate: This is my latest Special Report. Download and read the various stories. I encourage you to tell you stories!

Stepping Up to Certification: The Helping Professionals Guide to Certification (Updated January 2021): An overview of the various national certifications in case management, patient advocacy and patient experience. In addition to the overview of the certifications there are several articles that are thought provoking and helpful. Download here;

Second Acts: Reflections from Nurses to Inspire the Next Generation of Nurses! This report is a gift from seasoned nurses to YOU, the next generation of nurses! Enjoy the report! Feel free to share this page with your nursing colleagues or those who are looking for career options. I hope this work provides you with insights that will inspire you to move forward. Here is the link so you can download the report

A Special Report for Nurses. Nurses, Moving Beyond the Bedside: There Are No Limits: A special report for nurses looking to move beyond the bedside….To those that are frustrated don’t leave the profession of nurse move to a new area. Our nursing training prepares you for more roles that you can image. If you are a nurse, know a nurses or want to become a nurse; download this special report and explore areas that are open to you!

I hope this professional reading list brings you some new resources that will help you be the best that you can be. If you have an e-letter, a favorite Podcast, or a special report that you have found helpful please email me and I will include it on the list.

Thank you for reading Nurse Advocate!


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