The week between Christmas and New Year’s is my favorite time of the year. The week gives us some downtime and a chance to review the past year and set new goals for the upcoming year.

In 2024, I will focus on educating people about how to be their own best advocate when they enter the healthcare system. The lack of consumer involvement is the missing link keeping leaders from addressing the issues impacting the healthcare system. The consumers’ voice needs to be vital for all stakeholders who make up the healthcare system to hear it loud and clear. If each of the 331.9+ million people in the United States used their voices as they do in other sectors, the US Healthcare system would be very different.

In 2024, I will write articles to show people how to use their voices, prepare when they go to a healthcare appointment, and use the system to meet THEIR healthcare needs. My goal for 2024 will be to share information that will help YOU be YOUR OWN best advocate so you can make informed decisions for your health care.

I am asking each reader of Nurse Advocate to share posts with your family and friends so we can start a movement that will force the system to change. Together, we can help one another ask questions, understand what we are being told, and change how care is delivered in the US Healthcare system.

Please join me in this effort. Please invite your family and friends to subscribe to Nurse Advocate. It is free and will contain a wealth of information to help you. Subscribing is easy; go to, and a green box will pop up where you can enter your email! Once you do this, you will get a blog post each Tuesday AM!

As is my annual ritual, I reviewed all the posts I wrote in 2023. This year, I wrote 40 Blog Posts. Many resonated with readers, and I am grateful. I wanted to share the top 15 posts in this post according to my readers. Your comments helped me know I hit a cord, which is my intent. Just click on the title, and the article will open so you can read it.

Thanks to each of you who have followed me over the years. I appreciate your encouragement and support.  

Top 15 Posts of 2023

15: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Help Someone in Need

14: Are You a Health Kink Professional?

13: A Vacation and an Education: Exploring the Greek Isles

12: The Lifelong Impact of a Catastrophic on People

11: Using YOUR Voice to Effect Change

10: Never Underestimate the Power of Listening

9: Be Kind

8: Losing a Patient is Hard

7: Are You Searching for the Unknown?

6: Lessons Learned

5: 9 Years of Being A Cancer Patient

4: When A Cold is More Thank A Cold

3: Grateful for a Good Appointment

2: Ann is Still Teaching

1: Upheaval of Illness: The Change of Recovery and What it Leaves in the Wake

Thank you for reading the various posts. If you have questions or would like to suggest something for a future topic, please email me at

Have a Happy and Healthy 2024!

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