Each year around this time, my friends from Quota International of Planation Fl come together to celebrate our birthdays. This year we met on February 23, 2020, for brunch.

One of our members, Constance Kalish, takes a moment to welcome us and shares her story of why this is an ‘extra’ special time for her. On February 26, 2016, she was coming home from a meeting and was involved in a serious car accident. She was injured pretty badly and it was not clear if she would live. Thankfully she did live and is going well.

Each year she brings something special for each of us to remind us how special life is. This year, she brought each of us a laminated card that had the Traveler’s Prayer in English and in Hebrew. She shared that she always has this card in her car. She said that on the day of the accident, she had the card in her hand and feels this is one of the reasons she is still with us. She asked us all to keep our copy of the Traveler’s Prayer with us on our journey!

As I read the card later that day, I knew I wanted to share the Traveler’s Prayer this week with readers of Nurse Advocate. I could not find a sharable image of the card but did find this YouTube video that I hope you will take a minute to watch.

Thanks, Connie for sharing The Traveler’s Prayer with us.

Happy Birthday!

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