Health and wellness are something we all struggle to achieve. In this week’s post, I invited, Sandra Kahn, a long-time colleague, and friend, to write this week’s Blog to share 5 tips she has used successfully in her practice to her clients reach heath and wellness. If you have questions for Sandra, please feel free to email her directly. at

Health and wellness expert

We are into the 5th month of the new year, and it is time to get serious about the future of your health.  The decision to take action about your health is one of the most important decisions you can make for yourself, if not the most important since without your health really nothing else matters.  Setting an achievable goal will keep you committed to your long-term health and well-being. Here are *5* simple tips on how to achieve your ultimate health in 2022 and beyond:

Tip #1:  Drink Your Water.  This is the most vital and fundamental, yet many people do not practice proper hydration.  Help release muscle aches and pain, headaches, excessive hunger, low energy/overall fatigue, digestive issues, and low mental alertness or concentration by simply drinking water.  Two rules of thumb:  drink ½ of your body weight in ounces/day and always adjust your water intake according to your physical activity, medical conditions, and environmental temperatures.

Tip #2:  Healthy Food Intake.  “Ok, great, so how do I start?” is always the question I get.  It’s a great question and the simple answer is…start where you are at NOW.  Yep, just do what you can with what you have.  Don’t stress, instead, make it fun and enjoyable by first adding and starting with just ONE healthy food such as a fruit, vegetable, bean, nut, seed, or grain.  You will notice that the more live foods you eat, the more your body will feel alive, the better you will feel, and the more motivation you will have to continue on your healthy food intake journey.  Just take it one food at a time.

Tip #3:  Move Your Body.  Physical activity on a consistent basis maintains the healthy functionality of your internal organs and your body systems.  Cardio, weight training, and stretching is an all-inclusive exercise programs.  Yikes…the dreaded “E” word.  Don’t fret.  Whether you are just starting out with exercise or are a consistent exercise practitioner, simply perform a physical activity that you enjoy and have fun!

Tip #4:  Get Your Sleep.  Sleep is a vital indicator of health & well-being.  It’s during sleep that the body processes ultimate healing time.  In fact, it is just as important as eating a balanced, nutritious diet and exercising.  Sleep deprivation can put your health and safety at risk so prioritize it.  Most adults require between 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep/night.

Tip #5:  Reduce Your Stress.  The concept of stress is so encompassing in our lives along with the immense effect it has on our health.  Did you know that stress accounts for over 80% of doctor visits due to its damaging effects on the body?  Do you experience muscular aches and pains, excessive fatigue, trouble sleeping, headaches, cardiovascular and digestive issues, intimacy problems, anxiety and panic attacks, and depressive mood?  A root cause issue could be a high level of stress.  Some awesome ways to reduce stress and feel relaxed and calm are to listen to your favorite music, deep breathing techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, move and stretch, get 10 minutes of sunlight/day, spend time in nature (sure, hug a tree!), enjoy pleasant scents like lavender and citrus fragrances, take a quick timeout to do something fun and creative, stay positive, practice gratitude, let go of worry, and stay connected with people who keep you calm, make you happy, and provide emotional support.

Make your decision for your health and well-being.  You have the potential to accomplish your desired health goal.  Begin with one tip, one action step and you will see how you are going to achieve record-breaking levels in your health.

Sandra Kahn, AP, RN, BSN, is the owner of Acupuncture & Oriental Healthcare Inc. in Davie, Florida, and has been practicing Oriental Medicine since 2007.  Sandra is Past President of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association and currently serving as Secretary of the All Florida Case Management Network. If you have questions, please feel free to email her directly. at

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