I met Joanne Evans over 20 years ago. She worked for the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and I had just coauthored the Nurse Case Management Review and Resource Manual for the organization. ANCC had added onsite training for nurses who wanted to sit for the Nursing Case Management Certification and used our book to develop the training program. As one of the authors, I was asked if I wanted to present the program. As I liked to travel and teach about case management, I jumped at the chance. Joanne accompanied me on my first trip to show me how things were done. I cannot remember where we went, but I recall that we met in Charlotte, NC Airport and drove hours to reach the hospital where we were to present. As we drove, we talked and found we had a lot in common, making the drive fly by. Since that time, we have stayed in touch. We recently met for lunch when she was in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, visiting family.

During our time together, Joanne mentioned she had just written a 2nd book on Plant-Based Nutrition. She has been researching this area for years and has become an expert on the topic. The title of the book is Cultivating Seeds of Health with Plant-Based Nutrition. Nurses Share Educational Approaches to Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease.

Joanne and I had talked about plant-based nutrition over the years and how this new way of eating showed outstanding results in reversing chronic medical conditions and improving people’s quality of life.

Joanne is now retired and has taken to traveling the county in her RV (which she calls her Turtle).  In addition, she is educating nurses, physicians, dieticians, and other healthcare professionals on the science and the evidence of Plant-Based Nutrition. At the end of our visit, Joanne gave me a copy of her book. I told her I would read it and do a review in my Blog.

I am dedicating this weeks Blog to review the book and introduce Plant-Based Nutrition to my Blog readers. The book explains why Plant-Based Nutrition is essential if we’re going to live a healthy life! Please feel free to share this post with your family, friends and colleagues.

As I reviewed the book, I found interesting information on how Plant-Based Nutrition improves health and wellness. Joanne starts out by sharing her own story of how she got into this field and how her own health improved when she instituted a plant-based diet. The book defines plant-based nutrition and the research that is being gathered to show the impacts of this way of eating our health.

The book explains how even small changes to our diet can improve our health and even reverse conditions that impact our health. The book delves into the challenges of making life changes and gives tips on how by making small changes, significant improvements can occur.

Next, Joanne introduces the stories of several nurses who have made the change to a plant-based diet and the impact it has had on their lives. She also explains how these nurses are using the information to educate people about plant-based nutrition to help them see how changing thier diet can improve their health. It is working, as they see the results in thier clinics.

If you are looking to live a healthier life, this is a book you should pick up and read. If you are a nurse, a dietician, a case manager, a nurse advocate, or one of the many healthcare professional working in the area of wellness, population health or  disease management, consider looking at how you can incorporate Plant-Based Nutrition into your care plans.

Cultivating Seeds of Health with Plant- Based Nutrition provides information that can help you educate yourselves and the patients you encounter in your work to improve health and maintain wellness.

You can learn more but viewing the book on Amazon by clicking here. 

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