For most of us writing a book is an act of love and a way to share information that we are passionate about.

Three years ago, a friend told me about a mutual colleague who was starting a project to educate young adults (grade eight through high school) about careers in healthcare. She knew I liked to write and suggested that I email our colleague to learn more about the project. I took her advice and started an email exchange with Michele Kaufman, PharmD about the project she and her colleague Mary Choy, PharmD were working on.

After learning about the project I agreed to participate by writing a chapter on Case Management in their new book called Healthcare Heroes: The Medical Careers Guide. It was a fun experience and I hope the book is helpful to young adults, their parents, guidance counselors, and teachers find careers in the diverse healthcare industry.

The book is well written and easy to read. The book contains 28 careers that span the healthcare profession. It was exciting to see the broad scope of practices.

The chapters that make up the book were written by professionals in each field so there is a personal touch to each discipline. The book is also written in plain language so young people can get a feel for the various healthcare roles.

I received my copy of the book over the Christmas Holidays and was excited to see the book in print and read about the various careers open to those who wanted to focus their careers in healthcare.  I was able to purchase a copy for my niece who is a senior in high school and looking for her niche. She loves science and math, so healthcare is one of the fields she is exploring. This is a perfect book for her to read at this pivotal time in her life.

If you are a parent, a teacher or involved in counseling the youth of today as they explore career options, I recommend you purchase this book and lend it out to anyone considering a career in healthcare. The opportunities are broad and fulfilling.

You can learn more about Healthcare Heroes, The Medical Careers Guide click here to visit the website, the book is available on Amazon or Sigel Press. To meet the authors click here.

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