One of the most important things I learned to do as a nurse, case manager, and a patient advocate leader was to understand the importance of networking. I think networking came naturally to me as I am a curious person by nature. I recall as a little girl talking to people in my neighborhood and wanting to know what they were doing and why they were doing it. This curiosity has helped me learn, grow professionally, meet interesting people, and gain opportunities when I least expected them.  

So when Robin Shapiro, a friend, and colleague I met through the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy, sent me an email asking me to write the forward to her new book, I was humbled. 

Over the next few weeks, we had many calls and email exchanges about the book, and I knew I was participating in an important project.  

The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve is written for everyone pulled into the healthcare system and wondering if there is a simpler way to get effective care. This book breaks down common, urgent health issues that any ordinary person should know about, but few do. 

The book shares information through personal stories that highlight challenges people can relate to. Each chapter shares a story and explains the central point of the story and why it matters. Each chapter shares tips to help the reader express what they want to happen in their care and examples of the specific language they can use to communicate more effectively. There are also additional readings to help you learn and better understand the concept. The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve is a very personal book that is easy to read and provides valuable information that all can use.  

As a Brain Cancer Survivor, my primary take away from my life-changing experience was how hard it is to be a patient. There are so many moving parts to our healthcare system that make it challenging to navigate and why so many people get lost in the system. 

The Secret Language of Healthcare: How to Ask for the Care You Deserve is an easy to read book that everyone should have in their home. The book will help you better navigate the healthcare system, so you get the care you or a loved one deserve. To learn more and to purchase your copy, click here. 

In closing, I congratulate my friend Robin and wish her the best as she launches her book!  

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