nurse advocate trainingIf you are a reader of Nurse Advocate, you know that I share stories and situations that always ends with a reminder that everyone needs an advocate when they enter the healthcare system. I truly believe this because the system is complex, and unfamiliar for most people – and having an advocate by your side is a way to improve YOUR experience. As much as I believe this, I also know that we don’t have enough advocates to allow this challenge to become a reality.

But this is changing as more and more professions who have been pioneers in the field of patient/health advocacy are sharing their knowledge by writing books, creating courses and providing mentoring programs that help those interested in the field to have tools and resources, so they are successful.

A fellow colleague, Teri Dreher, took up this challenge and is helping nurses, social workers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals as they venture into the emerging area of patient/health advocacy. Although many healthcare professionals are curious about the practice, nurses are the leading discipline entering the field as they have the ability to view the patient holistically. They also have the ability to pivot in their careers to take advantage new opportunities that fit their skills.

Teri has just written her second book that gives professionals looking to enter the field – practical information that will give them the tools and knowledge to start their own business.

Nurse Advocate Entrepreneur is a ‘how to guide’ for those who want to quickly learn the business part of advocacy and avoid costly mistakes that many nurses make when entering the field of patient/health advocacy.

The book is being well received on its own merit as well as a compliment to an on demand course that Teri also developed. The course and the book will equip and inspire those new to the practice of advocacy to get up and running quickly. The business side of patient/health advocate is the most challenging aspect of being an nurse advocate entrepreneur. This is why this book and course are helpful so that those coming into the field of patient/heath advocacy the tools that will enable them to be successful.

I was proud to be asked to write the forward to this book. I hope that you will buy it, read it, and keep it by your side as you develop your practice as a nurse advocate entrepreneur.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have questions or want to explore the emerging field of patient/health advocacy, feel free to reach out to me at


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