October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To bring awareness and hope, I share a note Betty Stover, a good friend and colleague wrote about her experience as a Breast Cancer Survivor. I hope her words will give all who read this post hope, strength and courage.  

BY Guest Author: Betty L. Stover, RN
Many men and women, this year, will be told: “YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER.” Early detection is paramount to treatment and eradication of this horrible Disease. It could save your breast and/or your life, to live longer and enjoy the active lifestyle you experience prior to your diagnosis.
BREAST CANCER IS SURVIVABLE – Most patients are able to travel the road of diagnosis, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and perhaps a clinical trial. These are innovative therapies providing progress in treating and caring for breast cancer patients. Clinical trials bring hope that a cure will be found while participating is a powerful motivator to bring home to others. An important aspect of this disease is emotional, bringing anxiety, “why me”? Living along, depression, loss of companionship, who will watch my kids, clean the house, etc. Using different scents in the home for relaxation, yoga, Pilates, maintaining your health, good nutrition (consult a dietician) and follow-up visits with physicians help many people. Some people find exercise helps them and a group called  (SOS) SAVE OUR SISTERS, the Dragon Boat Team in Miami, has strenuous activities that have proven to strengthen the upper body while providing camaraderie and fun for men and women; a proven after treatment benefit.
SUPPORT – Support plays a large part in the disease journey, whether it be family or friends with you thought the good or bad or your Bosom Buddies or any support group. Your Buddies, who have traveled this road or are going along it now, understand the issues and can give you a voice of experience. What do I do for nausea? Is the medication my doctor ordered right for me? What happened when you took it? How long will I have this pain? They meet with you or take you to your doctor’s appointments, see you through surgery and recovery, attend appointments and treatments with you, and are always available by telephone, even in the middle of the night.
YOUR BOSOM BUDDIES gave me the support and love I needed during my journey as my family lives in other states. I have been involved in many events I would not have heard of without MY BOSOM BUDDIES. I always say to people, “Breast Cancer is the best things to happen to me” and they think I am crazy (maybe?). I have made many new friends and gained a new lifestyle.
I could not end this without sharing the love and support of my church family during my journey. They took me into their arms and were beside me during this bumpy road of Breast Cancer. My children and I thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
We know that God is Still Speaking!
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