As we close 2018 and open 2019, it is an excellent time to reflect on our lives personally and professionally. I had time over the holiday weekend to go to my favorite ‘thinking place’, Central Park Pool. I took time to look at what I have accomplished in 2018 and what I want to do in 2019.

As far as my Blog, Nurse Advocate, I published 30 Blog Posts in 2018! posts were well received by readers. I look forward to posting and sharing information that helps people and all members of the health care team.

As I relaxed by the pool, With my new pink notebook I listed projects I have been working on and new projects that I want to tackle in 2019. I filled pages with ideas and delivery dates, and am excited about the future. Here are some things I will be working on:

  • Finish the new book I am working on with many of my nursing colleagues titled Second Acts. The book will bring together nursing friends and colleagues I have known over the years to share their thoughts on nursing, case management, and their 2nd Acts! Look for a release in early-mid February.
  • I am going to be testing out new mediums to communicate information to people to improve the delivery of care. I will also be inviting professionals I look up to and who are doing good work in the area of patient engagement, patient advocacy and care coordination to be guest bloggers to share strategies in hopes of widening my audience, including more consumers to better understand their role in their health and healthcare. I continue to believe the only way to improve the healthcare system and contain costs is to make sure people are active participants in their health and healthcare. Until we do this, the challenges in our healthcare system will continue.
  • I look forward to be more involved in national organizations such as the National Nurse Network and the Florida Action Coalition who are working to empower nurses to realize their potential in improving the large healthcare system. As the largest profession in healthcare and the one profession that continues to be voted the most trusted for the 17th year in a row by the Gallup Poll,  nurses can and should be leading the charge on education, prevention and quality improvement in the broad healthcare system. These two organizations are working on the national and local level to increase the voice of today’s nurses. Join me by checking out these organizations websites and do your part in advocating for your profession!
  • I want to branch out into venues that allow me to share information with my audience. I am looking at areas that will open the doors and help me learn what is happening in the disruptive world of healthcare. These areas include but are not limited to ACcountable Care Irganizations, physician practices, patient advocate and case management educational venues, and various national healthcare conferences that are addressing key strategies to address the barriers people and professionals face in our complex healthcare system. Check out Finding Anne on my website from time to time to see if I will be in a city near you! Maybe we can connect in person!
  • I plan to focus on mentoring and assisting healthcare professionals to find their purpose. I see many people who are held back from reaching their goals due to roadblocks. Follow my work under the Service tab of my website, Nurse Advocate for resources and ways we can connect to discuss your goals and opportunities. I might not have all the answers, but I will do my best to connect you to resources that can be helpful.

2019 will be a milestone year for me as I will be turning 65! Reaching this age is a little scary, but I am up to the challenge and look forward to achieving my goals and living life.

I hope you and your families enjoyed the holidays and have a healthy and happy 2019.


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