A friend shared this message on Facebook the other day, and I wanted to share it in this week’s Nurse Advocate Blog Post. Please read and share with your family, friends, and colleagues, as we all need an A-Team!

Do you have an A-Team? I didn’t know how important they were until I was diagnosed.

Your A-Team is made up of people who support and comfort you. Your physicians, nurses, friends, family, nutritionists, or anyone willing to join your journey.

Although my life has been full of people, asking for their help was my challenge after being diagnosed. Strong and determined, I plowed through life helping others but never really learned to ask for help.

I’ve learned that I couldn’t ‘feel’ the love of others until I needed them and they responded. My neighbor, who drives me to chemo (only 15 minutes away) comforts my anxieties. The friend who picks me up and delivers me to my front door celebrates the completion of another challenge. Calls from my family and friends make love believable no matter how strong I’ve been. Build your A-Team now because waiting is a waste of time.

Thank you for reading – It is an important message. I hope it helps you form your A Team!

To learn more from my friend, Ann, visit her Vimeo Page at https://vimeo.com/853109871?share=copy

Have a good week!

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