Today, the term empowerment is used in all aspects of the healthcare system. Before we can empower patients, healthcare teams need to ensure their workplace cultures encourage education and a forum where learning and growth are nurtured. 

In this week’s post, I would like to explore the word empowerment and what it means to today’s workforce. 

The term empowerment refers to the activity of the leader to give power to others to enable them to control their destiny and protect their rights.  Leaders must give the power to their subordinates in a way that they feel they have control over their destiny and therefore is the key to the road to a successful work environment.
Kanter, the most recognized theorist on structural empowerment, identified five components that must be present before participants of a workforce will be empowered. They include:
  • Opportunity (growth, mobility, promotion, and recognition)
  • Knowledgebase (opportunity to learn and grow)
  • Necessary resources (having the tools and the staff to do the job safely and effectively)
  • Information (data, monitoring of improvement and technical skill to do the job)
  • Support (guidance and feedback from leaders, peers, and subordinates)
Kanter’s research has been found to demonstrate that by providing these conditions to employees, it has been shown that there is increased job satisfaction, commitment, trust and a marked decrease in job burnout. 

So how is your work environment? Take time to see if you work in an empowered workplace! If not, take the time to collaborate with your team to change the culture of your workplace. 

Do you work in an empowered workplace? If so, share how this environment has improved the outcomes you and your team have produced. Make a comment in the comment box below or email me at and share information about your work environment. I will share comments in a future post.


Empowered Work Environments: Ensuring a Culture of Success 3
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