Over the past few weeks, we had the privilege of watching the Summer Olympics. I love watching the Olympics as they shows so much that is good in the world. It is a time when countries worldwide come together to participate in a sport they love and are among the best of the best. I love learning about the athletes, how they trained, the obstacles they overcame to get to the games, and why they did it.

For the most part, the Olympiads are everyday people who found a sport they loved, trained to become the best in their field, and had the courage and discipline to put everything they had to participate and represent their country in the games.

The Olympics show us what it needed to be a contender and work hard for something you want. The Olympics show us that by having a goal, support from family and friends, and the discipline needed to put in the work to sharpen your skills, you can achieve so much.

Most of us will never reach the magnitude of the athletes we watch in the Olympics. But we can strive for our own personal best. Regardless of your goals, do your best, put in the work, make a difference and be the best you can be!

Enjoy the games…..

Have a good week!



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