Marc Berlin is a guest blogger who is going to talk about Medical Identity Cards. Marc is an up-and-coming Board-Certified Patient Advocate. His company’s name is On the Marc Patient Advocacy Services.  Marc provides guidance, navigation, home health referrals and medical supplies to assist both older adults and those with disabilities remain safe in their own home. He also has developed a Medical Identity Card that he would like to talk about in this post. Let’s hear from Marc.

marc berlinIn this post, I want to talk to you about an important tool that can save your life, tell why it is vitally important to always carry a Medical Identity Card. If you go out alone, having a Medical Identity Card can help someone identify you and get the help you need if you are not able to talk. Recommending a Medical Identity Card to your neighbors or friends, especially they live alone. Having the card has important contact information and medical history in case of an emergency.

I carry one as I live alone and if something should happen, I want emergency personnel to know I have cerebral palsy and the medications I am currently taking. I also want someone to contact my family and medical providers if I am not able to do so.  My Medical Identity Card contains all the vital information to get me the right help in case of an emergency.

Many people say they don’t need an identification card as they have the information in their phone. But what if you don’t have your phone with you? The Medical Identity Card will contain information on your emergency contacts, your doctors contact information, the medications you take and other details that are important for others to know if you cannot talk.

Initially I had developed these Medical Identity Cards to be used in the Orthodox Community to identify people if an incident occurs.  On the Sabbath & other High Holidays, one may not carry items like purses and wallets, but the card can go in your coat pocket or pants pocket with your keys.

One wants to have this card to verify that the person holding it is indeed the person who he/she claims to be. No one ever plans to be in an accident.  If you are having a medical emergency, when seconds count, you could significantly increase your chances of survival with the Medical Identity Cards

The information contained on the card communicates your vital health information to emergency first responders when you may be unable to speak for yourself. It lets first responders and doctors know what condition(s) you have, so that they know how best to treat you. Second, it helps the nurses know whom to call, so they can get the proper medical information.

The Medical Identity Cards can be placed in several locations such as your wallet, car glove compartment, on the side of your refrigerator, and at your place of work – locations where an accident may occur.

Just like you may lock your doors to your house and car, taking small steps to prepare for when an accident may occur can make a huge difference in your outcome and recovery.

It is my mission to enable those persons wanting to Age in Place and remain safe at Home.

If you would like a Medical Identity Card please email me at and I will mail you your card.  Please visit me on social media Facebook or Instagram @ MSBAdvocate21.

Marc S. Berlin, BCPA
Patient Care Advocate
On The Marc Patient Advocacy Services
Good Help For Good Health

Thank you, Marc, for this important information. I hope readers of Nurse Advocate reach out to you to get their Medical Identity Card!

Have a good week!

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