I hope you are having a good week. I was reviewing my website and wanted to share some highlights from Nurse Advocate you might be interested in checking events and new offerings out.

  1. Finding Anne: I have a few events in the next few weeks. It has been nice to get back to onsite learning events. I will be going to the Population Health Colloquium which takes place November 7-9th in Philadelphia. The event is one I look forward to each year and especially this year as it will be held in person! Click here for the link if you want to review the agenda. You can still register if you are in the area. Let me know if you are attending so we can meet in person!
  2. Services: I have added a new scope of work as a Contend Writer. I am doing freelance writing to share my expertise as a case manager, a nurse advocate, and an educator. I am writing columns for the following publications. Click on the link to view a sample article.

If you are an employer or HR professional and have an employee newsletter, email me so I can share ideas on how to educate your workforce to be their own best advocate. You can reach me at allewellyn48@gmail.com

  1. Resources: In this section you will find several resources you can add to your professional development reading list as a case manager or patient advocate. I welcome you to review them and share with your colleagues!
    1. We are Made of Our Stories: Stories from a Nurse Advocate Click here to access the stories.
    2. Stepping Up to Certification: Click here to access the report.
    3. 2022 Case Management Salary and Trends Survey: Click here to access the report.
    4. 2nd Acts: Reflections From Nurses to Inspire the Next Generation. Click here to access the report.

Last, I was awarded a 2022 Apex Award in the One-of-a-Kind Publication category for We are Made of Our Stories: Stories from a Nurse Advocate. You can see all of my awards and badges on the footer and right rail of my website. Click here to check it out.

These awards have special meaning to me as they show I am meeting the goals I set for Nurse Advocate: to bring readers topics that important to them and to help improve the delivery of care by educating consumers and healthcare team members.

I am considering areas to focus in 2023. Please let me know if you have topics or areas you would like me to explore!

Thank you for reading my weekly Blog!

Have a good week!

Anne Llewellyn


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