I usually start my day scanning various e-letters and reading articles that are of interest to me. From time to time I hit the the comment button to leave a comment as the article struct a cord with me . In addition to the content in the article, I find the comment section, one of the most interesting parts of my reading. I sometimes learn more from the comments than the article as the comments give me insights into the readers’ views on a particular topic or event.

I also comment on articles myself from time to time. This activity allows me to share my expertise and my point of view on a particular topic. In addition to commenting, I sometimes send a email to the author to ask them a follow-up question. I sometimes get a reply from the author and learn how to follow them on Twitter, allowing me to follow someone’s point of view past the article at hand.

I do this as I want to participate actively in the learning process.

Taking an active role enhances the learning process for me. I  also utilize critical thinking and put myself out there as an active contributor allowing me to grow professionally.

As a writer, I can tell you that getting comments from readers is exciting. Getting your comments and suggestions helps me grow and learn. Your comments allow me to see what topics my readers react to and what is important to them. Your comments help me be a better writer and cover issues important to my target audience – YOU – my readers.

To all who have commented on my blog posts over the years – I thank you. You make me better at what I do, and I appreciate that.

Have a good week!



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