As a nurse case manager for over 35 years, this is an exciting week as the practice is honored during case management week. Social media is erupting with posts from case managers celebrating who they are and the value we bring to the healthcare system.

Case Management Week is the time for us all to share our work and the value we bring through every entry point in healthcare.

We work with people from birth till death. We help the poor, the challenged, and the families of those with catastrophic and complex medical conditions to have a voice in their care plans.

Being a case manager was a natural progression as a critical care nurse, as I learned early on that it was my role to advocate for my patients. To help them at their lowest point by improving communication, researching resources that would meet their needs, and explaining why things go wrong or helping them celebrate when things went right.

The highlight of my career was working with my patients and their families to grow and thrive. My role is to ensure those I work with get the right care – at the right time – in the least restrictive setting – at the most cost-effective price. It has changed slightly with the infiltration of managed care into the healthcare system. Today, I don’t have much say on costs – as the payer manages costs when the contract is signed.

Today, I manage care and help people move safely from one setting to another.

Case management was the perfect complement to my nursing career. I make a difference every day in the lives of the people I care for, their families, and those I work with in various healthcare settings throughout the care continuum.

It has been my pleasure to be a nurse case manager in the complex world of healthcare. I know I have made a small mark in this world through my work, and I am grateful for that.

To read some stories of my work, click here to access my most recent special report, We are Made of our Stories – Stories from a Nurse Advocate.

To all my friends and colleagues in case management – thank you for all you do! Happy Case Management Week!

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