Today we are living in unprecedented times. We are in the midst of a pan-epidemic that has shocked the entire world by its speed and impact.

It is not easy, but if we follow what public health officials are telling us to do, we can mitigate the virus and get through this crisis.

Many people are coming up with innovative ways to keep safe and follow the rules of social distancing, I would love to know what you are doing to pass the time and stay connected with family and friends. Here are some of the things that I am doing:

  1. I have been praying for family and friends that everyone is safe.
  2. I am also praying for all of the people who are putting themselves at risk for all of us. The first ones I think of are our healthcare workers, but also the people working at the grocery stores and other places that allow us to shop for groceries and other supplies. When you do go out, say thank you to those who help you.
  3. On the professional side, I have been working with a team of people at Athena Health to produce three on-demand webinars for professional case managers. These webinars will provide information that will support and help them realize the work they do is important and appreciated. Our message is that by working together we will get through this pan-epidemic. As soon as the link is ready, I will share so you can watch them. These are free and will be available on the Athena Forum Website
  4. I have taken this time to organize paperwork. Working at home makes me a little lazy and causes me to accumulate little mounds of paperwork over time. I am slowing working my way through various piles and getting rid of what I no longer need.
  5. Cooking, Cooking and Cooking. As my husband and I hunker down here in South Florida, I have been cooking meals. During this time I hope to branch out and try some different things. If you have any healthy recipes, please feel free to share.
  6. I have been reaching out to family members and friends I have not heard from and catching up. I have also been hearing from friends who are reaching out to me via social media and from my Blog. I love this, as it shows we are all connected and it just takes a simple email, a card or a phone call to reconnect.
  7. Facetiming with my niece and her 2 daughters. Technology allows up to see each other. So much fun watching my niece Jordyn do finger paints on her kitchen table.
  8. Spending time on social media sharing information that others may not have had time to read. I love doing this and I love your comments on my post that contain articles/photos.
  9. Staying up to date and trying to correct misinformation that I hear from the media as well as the President. I am listening to public health officials and other leading health experts for accurate information.
  10. Exercising and making sure I am getting adequate rest.

Please take a few minutes and share what are doing to stay safe during this difficult time.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe.

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