I am stepping away from my usual Blog Post to share information on an event I have been working on for a few months. I will resume my regular post next week.

The International Conference on Patient Advocacy (ICOPA) will be held in Chicago, IL, on April 28-30, 2022. This is the 2nd event we have produced. The first was in 2019. Due to COVID, we were sidelined for the past 2 years. To keep things alive, we asked International Advocates to share their work in their respective countries in between events. I learned from putting the website together that Advocacy is truly alive around the Globe. It makes the saying; everyone needs an advocate when they enter the healthcare system, come alive. Here is a link to listen to each of the advocates and learn what a small world we have! https://icopaconference.com/patient-advocacy-around-the-world

The leaders behind this conference are Teri Dreher, founder of North Shore Patient Advocates; Trisha Torrey, founder of the Alliance of Professional Patient Advocacy; and me. We decided to move forward with the 2022 event because, as leaders, we felt like it was time to hold a live event to bring the industry together to learn, network, and celebrate the emerging practice of Patient/Health Advocacy. As patient/health advocates, we are learning to live in a COVID world. We have set parameters for all to consider, and those who wish to comply are invited to attend.

I would love to see readers of Nurse Advocate attend this important event. It will be fun, and you will meet some great people you can follow up with long after the conference ends.

If you are in the practice of Patient Advocacy or curious to know more about this emerging area of practice, I strongly recommend that you make plans to attend. This year’s theme is: Pivoting Your Practice in a Changing Healthcare World. To learn more about the agenda, the speakers, the sponsors, the networking opportunities, visit the conference website at https://icopaconference.com.

If you have questions, let me know! Have a good week.



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