Being kind is something we all learn as children. If you have children, you watch them and remind them to be kind to other children at the playground, in your home and other places where children meet. Yet, every day we hear about terrible things that people do to each other. It is so sad. Sometimes I don’t know what to say or do to change the direction we are going.

I am reading a book, The Four Winds by Katherine Hannah. It is about the people who lived in the late 20s-30s in the Great Plains when famers and others lost everything to drought, dust storms and bankruptcy as no one had any money. Many held on as they had hope that it would get better, but many left to make a new life for their families. They were poor, devastated, and desperate. What they found when they got to new areas was not kindness but hate.  No one wanted ‘those’ people in their town. They felt they would ‘cost’ them too much money. It is a hard book to read, but really makes me think – have learned nothing from our history?

As a clinical nurse I worked in inner city hospitals in Philadelphia most of my career. I saw all different types of people who came to the emergencies rooms where I worked. I remember one time I gave a patient a sandwich and some juice as he told me he had not eaten in days. One of the nurses told me not to feed him as he will keep coming back for more. I could not believe she told me that about another person – she talked to me like I was feeding a dog and not a person. Another nurse said I cared too much. I remember thinking when the times comes that I do not care anymore it will be time for me to get leave nursing. I am glad to say I am still proud to be a nurse and I still care.

I hope this post will reminds you that in a world where you can be anything… kind.

Have a good week!

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