This week, Nurse Advocate celebrates 2 YEARS in production!  It has been a journey in which I have learned how to share information that benefits people who utilize the health care system as well as those who work in it.

As I look back, I noted my first post appeared on July 9, 2015. In this post, I introduced myself and shared my story. My second post appeared on July 22, 2015. In this post, I outlined my plan for Nurse Advocate and invited readers to join me by sharing their stories, challenges, and ideas so together we could improve the delivery of care we each travel. As with most things in life, it is interesting to look back as we move forward.
Writing Nurse Advocate has been a healing experience for me. It has allowed me to have insight into a difficult time in my life and to learn from the experience.
What has been the most satisfying part of writing Nurse Advocate has been hearing from readers that find the information I shared helpful in their lives as they work to overcome challenges they face when thrust into the complex world of healthcare. Many have used the tips I have shared and as a result have been empowered to be active in their care which has given them control at a time when they have felt lost.
The other half of my goal has been to provide examples that would open the eyes of the professionals who work in the healthcare system. Through these stories, I have allowed them to see the challenges patient and their caregivers face as they traverse the complex and fragmented healthcare system and how they can help to ease the path.
Hearing from my peers and professionals who read Nurse Advocate has been gratifying. Many have thanked me for allowing them to see their work from a different lens. Many have shared that my posts have given them new insights into how they can improve the work they do. Many have challenged me to dig deeper and to understand their challenges which have helped me give better information.
As I enter year three, I will continue to learn, listen and write information to support people who use the healthcare system as well as members of the healthcare team throughout the care continuum. I hope you enjoy the ride.
Thank you for reading Nurse Advocate!


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