I love this photo as it proves the importance of timing and preparation. Imagine the work the photographer took to find this spot, set up, and wait for the sun to get to the perfect position so he could take this shot!

How are you making the most of your life and preparing to reach your goals? As summer comes to a close, its time for our kids to go back school. They are ready, they had a fun summer, and now they are prepared to go back to school to see their friends, meet their teachers, and learn new things that will help them grow and be successful.

As we age, most of us no longer ‘go to school,’ but we continue to learn if we are open to learning new things. Every day I learn something new.  I learn by talking to people, reading, watching the news.

This week, I am putting the finishing touches on my Professional Reading list, and I can’t wait to send it out to my readers of Nurses Advocates, my social media connections, and others who read my blog each week because you share it with them. The list is a compilation of resources I use to keep up to date on what is happening in my work and my life. Reading helps me prepare, gives me ideas for new topics, and allows me insights into where the world is going. As they say it’s all about timing.!

Enjoy the last weeks of summer with your family and friends!




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