Over the next few weeks, I will be attending several conferences that I am excited to share with readers of Nurse Advocate.

I love to go to conferences to learn, network and talk to people who are making a difference in the world of healthcare.  I will be covering these events on social media, so look for updates from the following events

Quality Talks takes place on April 21, 2022, in Washington DC. The conference is produced by NCQA whose goal is to look ahead through the eyes of tomorrow’s leaders, who are inspiring the future of American health care. The Quality Talks are meant to inspire action to tackle the real and pressing problems in our health care system, and to dismantle barriers to a better future. The meeting will take place in person as well as online. Here is a link to review the agenda and register https://www.qualitytalks.org

The following week, April 28-30, I will be in Chicago at the International Conference on Patient Advocacy. I am involved in the production of this event and am excited to meet fellow patient advocate colleagues and celebrate the work we are all doing. We have a full line up of speakers that will share information that we all can take back to our homes and put into practice. Here is a link to review the agenda and register for the event https://icopaconference.com

June opens with the Case Management Society of American Annual Conference. I love to go to this conference as it helps to renew my passion for my work as a case manager. I am excited that the conference will be in person, and I will get to see many long-time friends as well as meet those new to the practice. Here is the link to review the agenda and register. https://cmsa.societyconference.com/v2

In between the onsite events I will be participating in a few virtual events. For instance, tomorrow (April 12, 2022) I will be speaking at the New England Chapter of CMSA chapter meeting. My topic is Stepping Up to Case Manager Certification. This is a topic I feel strongly about as certification is an important tool that we as healthcare professionals can use as part of our professional development. I feel that as a leader in area of case management, I have a role to educate colleagues on how to look at the various certifications that are out there for people to choose and educate them as to the importance of choosing a certification that will help them meet their professionals’ goas. Here is a link to the Chapters’ website so you can register if you are open. https://www.cmsne.org/chapt-events If you can’t attend, here is a link to the special report I wrote on the same topic. https://anne-llewellyn.s3.amazonaws.com/2021+Stepping+Up+To+Certification+1209.pdf+final+version.pdf

On April 21, 2022, the All Florida Case Management Network is hosting webinar titled: HIPAA and the World of Case Management, Your Unique Challenges. Roger Shindell, MS, CHPS, CISA, CIPM  is the CEO and co-founder of Carosh Compliance Solutions will speak to us about HIPAA and the impact on case management. This will be a webinar which will start at 2:30pm for networking. Mr. Shindell will begin his remarks at 3pm. Here is the link to register. https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIldeytpj4tH9Ypmd-x7IrHrQ2_GyQj4r-f

If you will be at any of these events over the next few weeks, please let me know as I would love to meet you in person.

If you have a conference that you will be attending let me know so I can consider it!

I hope you and your families have a Happy Easter or Passover!




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