Over the past few months, I have been working with a man on Florida Medicaid. He is on a waiver program for those who are disabled and have a low income. The program’s goal is to keep him at home and avoid hospitalizations or having to live in a nursing home. So far, he, his sister, and her family have kept their side of the bargain, but the system – the payer, and Medicaid have come up short.

One of the reasons is that he lives in a rural area, so getting a company that has staff to service his area and will accept the Medicaid reimbursement is non-existent. I have tried to look at different scenarios to make things work but am told that is how it is and that the patient should consider a nursing home. I know we can do better that that.  The physicians see the need and have written orders to implement the plan of care to meet the patient’s needs, but the system is not set up to work, especially for those in rural areas and on Medicaid

.I have wanted to do something to address this, but with COVID, it was not realistic. But now that we are learning to live with COVID, it is time for a Meeting of the Minds to Correct a system that is clearly not working.

I know this patient is not the only one who is affected. So now that COVID is settling down, I would like to put together a group to meet with the organization that oversees Medicaid and members of the House and Senate in the Florida Legislature to discuss the challenges our patients face and offer solutions to correct them.

If you are a patient or family member who has been impacted negatively due to Florida Medicaid, please email me to let me know your challenge. If you are a Provider who offers services and accepts Medicaid as a payment source but has had to stop taking for those on Medicaid because of low reimbursement rates, please reach out and join efforts. Please email me at allewellyn48@gmail.com and discuss strategies.

Together we are stronger!

Thank you for reading Nurse Advocate! Have a good week.




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