Let the Summer Begin 3

In this week’s post, I wanted to share some tips you might consider doing this summer.

Get in the pool: as a result of the complications from the chemotherapy that eradicated the brain tumor that changed my life, I have been doing water aerobics and swimming at least 4 times a week. I feel the most normal in the pool. I am not afraid of falling and I can do what everyone else does. The picture above is my water aerobics class at Central Park, in South Florida.  Can you pick me out? 

Send me the name of a book that you read this year that has stuck with you. Every July 4th for the past 8 years, I have compiled a Summer Reading List and shared via social media. Each year around this time, I reach out to social media friends, family and colleagues and ask them to send me the name of the book or books they read this year, the one’s that have stuck with them, helped them learn new or escape from our crazy world. So by way of this post, I ask: what have you read over the past year? Send me, the title of the book and the author of the book or books you would like to share so others can read.  I will add them to the summer reading list! Here is the link to the 2016 Summer Reading List. My email is allewellyn48@gmail.com 

Unplug: Disconnecting from social media, the news, and other stressful activities is something that we all should do from time to time. There is so much information coming at us from all directions that it can be overwhelming so unplug and enjoy the silence!

Take in a ballgame game! Baseball is synonymous with summer so if you have a professional team, a semi-professional team in your area, pick a date and take the family. If you children or grandchildren play a baseball or another sport, summer is a good time to catch a game!

Take a vacation: Where have you always wanted to go?  Do the research and book the trip! 

Reflect: take some time to reflect on how YOU are doing? Are you happy with your life, your career, yourself in general? If not, what can you do to change the situation? Summer is a good time to commit to changing things that we realize cause us stress or unhappiness.

Attend the Case Management Society of America’s (CMSA) Annual Conference. Every year, toward the end of June, I attend CMSA’s Annual Conference. If you are involved in case management, this is the premier conference for professionals involved in the practice case management/care coordination. This year, the conference we will be in Austin Texas. If you can attend, let me know so we can connect. Here is the link to review the agenda and register! 

Last, take a minute to remember the holiday we are celebrating, Memorial Day!  Click here to watch a video that put’s Memorial Day into perspective.

Have a good weekend!  
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