Happy Case Management Week! This is a week that professionals specializing in case management take time to ‘toot’ their own horn. If you, a family member, or a friend ever had a case manager, you know they are special people. In this post, I want to highlight some of the vital work they do.

  • They are advocates for their patients and their families
  • They educate patients and family members to understand their conditions and how they can manage them so they can live a quality life.
  • Their main goal is to ‘work themselves out of a job’ by empowering patients and caregivers to use their voices, ask questions, and make suggestions about what they want.
  • They are disruptors in a disruptive system.
  • They ask the question WHY and answer Why Not.
  • They are change agents; they change the status quo
  • They work to meet their patients’ goals
  • They find resources to help their patients and families manage and reach their greatest potential
  • They listen
  • They fight for what is right
  • They work with the care team
  • They coordinate care
  • They transition their patients to the most appropriate level of care
  • They are the glue that holds the team together

How do I know this? I am a case manager. Being a case manager was the most important role I ever played as a nurse. Being a case manager taught me how resilient people can be when they are sick or injured. Case management taught me that with my help – with my support – with my empathy – with my expertise, I could help people heal and grow despite their challenges.

Case Managers work in every sector of the healthcare system – from pre-birth to end of life and every sector in between. They are in place to coordinate care, bring calm in a disruptive system at a disruptive time. They are in place to decrease fragmentation, improve communication, and help people – the patient, their family, and the health care team.

They work together to meet the needs of the patient – who is the central member of the health care team. By doing this, they ensure healthcare dollars are spend efficiently and equitably. Case managers don’t discriminate or treat one patient over another. They make sure every patient has a voice and they use that voice to ensure the care they get meets their goals and wishes.

It is the hardest job I ever did, but it is the most fulfilling.

During these disruptive times, case managers are learning just how important they are – the value they bring and the outcomes they achieve.

If you are a case manager – take this week to celebrate what you do!

If you have been a patient or a family member of a patient and had the benefit of working with a case manager, give them a call. Thank them for helping you, and wish them well!

To all my friends and colleagues who work as case/care members. Thank you for all you do, and Happy Case Management Week!


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