Last weekend, I attended my 50th High School reunion. I went to Archbishop Ryan High School in Northeast Philadelphia. I was excited to attend and reconnect with friends, many of whom I had not seen for 50 years! It was interesting to talk to people and learn how they have done over the past 50 years. Here are some takeaways

  • Most have had a full life and have done well over the years. Many were retired and just starting to enjoy their 2 nd Acts 
  • Many had challenges with marriages, family issues, or personal illnesses. Most have weathered the tough times with support from family, friends and their faith.
  • It was interesting to learn how many children they had and, if they did not have children, how they are living through nieces and nephews.
  • Some admissions (from the boys) were that they had crushes on a girl in high school and thought about ‘what if’ over the years. The girls reactions were ‘ why didn’t you ever tell me”?
  • We all have aged, but overall, most looked great for being close to 70 years old.
  • There was a memory board that highlighted those who had passed. It was sad to remember them and realize they were no longer with us.
  • As the night unfolded, it was interesting to realize how fast those 50 years passed ‘like a blink of an eye’…and we all had our history in common.
  • Many were unsure about attending the reunion- and had questions like: will I know anyone? What would we have to say to each other after all these years?
  • There was a DJ who played music that got us all onto the dance floor….it was fun to watch everyone dance.
  • Bottom line – I am so glad I attended my 50th High School reunion – and I wish my fellow students all the best for the next 50 years!

If you have a reunion coming up with your grade school, high school, or nursing school, I hope you will attend. It is a great way to reflect on your life and remember the good times and how far you have come.

NOTE: I am in the process of putting together my 2022 Summer Reading List. If you have read a good book this year, please email me the title and the author, and I will include you in the list!

Have a good week


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