Over the weekend, I watched several college basketball games. I like college basketball as it is all about heart and soul. As I watched, I recalled how I got interested in the sport. I remember back to March of 1986 when I did a few home care cases for extra money.

One of the patients was John. John had advanced ALS. He could not do anything for himself but was awake and alert and could still talk. Allowing us to carry on some interesting conversations.

I worked with him all through March when the  college basketball teams were having their tournaments to see who would get into the NCAA Division One men’s basketball tournament, a single-elimination tournament with 68 teams competing in seven rounds for the national championship. The penultimate round is the Final Four when only four teams are left. It is the highlight of the college basketball season.

John loved college basketball. As I worked Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 7, we had a lot of time to watch the games on TV. After I did my work, we would sit together and watch basketball. We would talk about the plays and were excited when the games came down to buzzer-beaters.

It was a memory I cherish, as I know I was giving John a few hours of enjoyment. I left about 7 pm after giving him PM care so he could go to sleep. When I returned in the morning, the wife told me I tired him out as he slept through the night!

One day, I talked to the wife, and she said, “You are the only nurse who sits with him when they are here.” I said where do they go? She said, “Most of them do the necessary care and then sit in the living room, leaving him alone.” I said, I never considered doing that, as I was there to care for him, not sit in another room.”

I valued the time I spent with John. It was hard work, but it was also fun. Watching the basketball games helped pass the time, but I really enjoyed talking to him, learning about his life, and sharing a few hours of enjoyment with him! To me this was ‘patient-centered care’

What memories do you have of being a bedside nurse, a home care nurse, or a caregiver? Share in the comment section!

Have a good week!



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