As a nurse, I loved to work 3-11 shifts. One of the tasks we were responsible for was PM care. PM care was the time when we would help our patients get ready for bed. When I worked in ICU, many of our patients were sedated or unconscious, so PM care was when we would bathe them, do skin care, and change the sheets, so they were clean and comfortable.

For the patients who were awake and alert, PM Care was a time to talk to them and learn about their lives and their families and gain new insights into who they were. It was a time to get to know our patients.

Today, I was with a patient and his son as the father was getting signed up for Hospice Care. I have learned over time by observing them, that the son and the father have a special relationship. They are very much alike in their demeanor and actions. My patient is a quiet man, but he is very thoughtful when he talks.

As we were leaving the facility, the son told me his father was a writer. He wrote for a newspaper and won many awards. I had never known that about my patient, and it opened my eyes to a new aspect to my patient. .

As I reflected on the experience, I left like I had done completed PM care for my shift….it was nice taking the time to learn something about my patient and the life he had lived.

Please share with me ways you have learned things about your patients that opened your eyes to who they are – other then a patient.

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