I love this time of the year when I find videos of commencement speeches. Recently this speech from Hampton​ University popped up in my Facebook Memories and it make me think about how we live our lives and where we are today as a country, and as a world. With all that is going on, it sometimes feels like we have lost our way – that we have forgotten the basics we were all taught as children. As class President Tim Lee told his fellow students in his commencement speech to overcome the obstacles in life, we need to remember our A, B, Cs. The message really resonated with me so I wrote down what Tim said so I could share in this week’s post.

I hope that you take a minute to read this post and think about each of the letters and the words that go with them. These of the competencies of our lives. See which one’s you need to work on.

Feel free to share this post with your family, friend colleagues. If you want to listen to the speech, click here to access the speech on You Tube

Accept the challenge.

Believe in ourselves.

Covert our thought into hopes.

Have the Determination to convert our hopes into dreams.

Expect some obstacles on the way up.

Fight while being faithful and finish the course.

Get God on our side.

Have a hardy model of leadership.

Inspire someone else.

Take Jesus on our journey.

Keep on keeping On.

Be a Leader.

Make every day count.

Never give up.

Overcome our obstacles.

Put our best foot forward.

Quit quitting.

Run the race with paces.

Strive on.

Keep Trusting in the Lord.

Use our talents.

Value our time.

Wait for understanding.

X-ray our own lifestyles.

Yearn to achieve all that we seek.

Be Zealous when reaching the top.

Thanks for reading Nurse Advocate. Have a good week!

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