How do you find something when you don’t know what you are looking for? How do you search for the unknown?

So many times, I have sorted out issues by talking to friends and colleagues. Just talking to them about the issue and laying out questions helps to focus my thoughts on strategies that I can look at.

I have a friend who is having some mental health issues and has withdrawn from family and friends. I want to help, but not sure what I can do as the person lives in another part of the country, and I don’t know the resources.

I know a few colleagues who work as counselors in the same area of the country where my friend lives. I wrote to them, and we are going to meet to discuss the situation. I hope they can point me in the right direction to help her. Here are some questions I want to get answers to:

  • Should I get involved? The person is an adult. Do I need wait for her to ask for my help?
  • How do you help someone who has withdrawn into themselves and is not letting others in?
  • What is the first step to help someone who is depressed? How do you find help?
  • The person is an adult- do I even have the right to get involved?
  • At one point, the person was in touch and shared what she was doing and how her therapy was going.. For some reason she stopped all communication with her family and friends. She mostly stays in her room. I have reached out to her, but she is not responding.
  • Her support system is fragile, as other family members are also hurting.

Keep a positive thought for my friend and that I can put together a plan to help her.

Have a good week!





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