Over the past few months, I have had to miss many families and friends’ events. Babies have been born, friends have died, holidays have come on gone. As a person at risk for COVID-19, my husband and I have tried to be careful and follow the guidelines; wear a mask, wash our hands frequently, stay out of large crowds, and don’t travel out of your area.

Technology has helped up to ‘get together’ with family and friends during the pandemic. Here are some of the things I have used to ‘keep connected.’

  • Social Media has been my primary tool to socialize and share information that peers and colleagues can use.

  • I am sure you all know about Zoom, Go to Meeting, or WebEx! These tools have been great for business meetings and family gatherings, weddings, and that particular birthday party!

  • A new tool I was just introduced to is VidHug. This was sent to me by a friend who is wanted to involve family and friends to celebrate her husband’s birthday. She sent family and friends a link, gave us a due date, and promised to share the finished version. So what is a VidHug? A Vid Hug is a video montage of family & friends celebrating a special event with a personalized message invited guests can contribute. These montages allow people to be creative and is inexpensive. Click here to check it out

  • I also saw new greeting cards that explode when you open the card. It looked like fun and something to think about for Valentines’ day.

What virtual tools have you used to keep your family, friends, and colleagues together? Feel free to share in the comment section!

Have a good week

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