I know this is a difficult time, but by working together, we can, as is said, “flatten the curve” and limit the number of people impacted by the coronavirus. Many are paying attention and complying with the call to social distancing and following these five basic norms:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Cough/sneeze into your elbow
  3. Don’t touch your face
  4. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others
  5. Stay home if you feel sick

If you have family members or friends who are not heeding warnings, remind them it is important to comply.

To keep up to date, I have been watching my Governors news briefing. Most Governors are holding daily news conferences to keep citizens up to date and aware of changes all should know about. Check out what is happening in your state/city/community.

I also am limiting the time I watch cable TV shows as they produce anxiety for me due to the misinformation that is being shared. I am listening to more music as it makes me happy.

Take walks. I have been trying to get out and take a walk or two every day. The weather has been excellent here in South Florida, and it feels good to get some exercise.

Call your friends and relatives to make sure they are doing ok. If you have elderly relatives, check in on them. Many are isolated and welcome a call, a text, Facebook time, or a card.

Get caught up on projects that you have been meaning to do. Keeping busy passes the time and allows you to learn and grow.

Stay positive! Let me know what you are doing to weather this difficult time so we can all share and learn together.

Sending you a virtual hug! Pass it on!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe.

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