September has always been a time of change for me. As I look back on my career, September was the month that I made substantial changes in my career.  In this week’s post, I share some of the meaningful projects that I will be working on.

As a healthcare professional staying up to date and informed on trends, issues and challenges we are facing is essential. As a Digital Journalists, I love to report from leading conferences about these trends, questions, and problems. Doing so allows me to share with readers of Nurses Advocate information that all can use to improve their practice.

In this post, I point you to my website and ask you to view the Finding Anne Page. The page shows where I will be and provides a link to the various events I will be attending. Doing this serves a two-fold purpose; one is to list the conferences I will be attending so we can plan to meet if you are in the area. The second reason for me sharing these events with you is to make sure you are aware of these conferences and provide a link so you can learn more and make plans to attend if they interest you. I have chosen conferences that address various topics that peak my interest.

Attending these events allows you to learn, grow professionally and network with leaders in the practice. Attending will enable me to go up and ask a question that I have and to gain insights into what is trending in the broad healthcare system. As healthcare professionals, we are leaders and experts in the healthcare industry, so it is essential that we stay current and use our voices to effect change. If you live in the areas where these conferences are taking place or will be attending, email me, and we can try to set up a time to meet. If you are coordinating a meeting in 2019, consider me as a speaker. I can speak on a number of topics and emerging trends that impact patients, caregivers and all members of the healthcare team.

In addition to attending conferences, I will be working on a variety of new articles on topics that are important. In addition, here are some of the projects that I continue to be involved include; work with the Case Management Society of America (the National organization for those involved in case management. I am a member of the editorial board for their monthly publication titled; CMSA Today. I am also on the Membership Committee. In addition to my duties on the national level, I am also active in my local chapter, the South Florida Case Management Network. I love connecting with case managers throughout the large healthcare system. If you have ideas for how to improve benefits or want to contribute an article to CMSA Today, feel free to contact me.

Another group I am working with is the Patient Advocate Certification Board. The PACBoard is responsible for creating the first national certification for those involved in the area of Patient Advocacy. I have been active in this group for several years and am proud to say that we launched the first exam in March 2018. As a result, we have 149 professionals who can use the credential, BCPA after their name. This project has been meaningful to me as I believe that every person needs an advocate when they are thrust into the complex world of healthcare. Having a national certification helps the consumer know there are advocates in place to help them navigate the complex healthcare system and helps the professionals involved to stand together to explain their role and the value they bring to the healthcare industry. The 2nd exam will take place September 15-29th, 2018. Once the exam period closed, we will learn who the next cohort of patient/health advocates. To learn more about the Patient Advocate Certification and to see the list of new and current advocates visit the PACBoard website.

Another volunteer group that I am active is Quota International of Plantation FL. Quota is the oldest international women’s service organization dedicated to providing service projects for the Deaf and Hearing impaired and Disadvantage Women and Children. I joined this organization in 1995 when I left the emergency department as a way to give back to my community. I have found the group supportive and empowering. If you are looking for a way to give back to your community, visit the Quota website to learn about this dynamic organization.

Visit Nurse Advocate often to learn about new events, new blog posts, and resources you can use to improve your practice. If you don’t see a resource you need, let me know and I can try to connect you to it!

Let me know how you are staying involved in your professional organizations and your community. Please leave a comment in the comment box so we can see the vital work being done across the globe!

Have a good week!



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