As I mentioned in my post of March 8, We all Responsible for Patient Safety. To raise awareness, March 14th-20th is designated as Patient Safety Week. The goal is to educate and empower people to know what they can do to stay safe when they, thier families and friends enter the healthcare system.

I hope you will take some time and share information with your patients and their families about patient safety this week in your organization. To help you, here are some resources that you can use. Each has important information that can really improve patient safety.

Campaign Zero: Families for Patient Safety.: an easy to navigate website that provides stories, checklists, and other resources families can use to help them keep their loved ones safe when they enter any of the entry points of the broad healthcare system.

TakeCharge: 5 Steps to Safer Healthcare: The TakeCHARGE Campaign’s approach is unique: to directly reach the general public before they become patients, teaching them to TakeCHARGE of their health care decisions. This is not about health, but health care, the journey to better health. Research shows that when patients are engaged in their health care, there can be measurable improvements in safety and results.

Being Your Best Advocate: is a post I shared on May 22, 2019. I thought I would share it again, as part of Patient Safety Week. Click here to access the post.

I am posting daily this week to provide tips people can use to stay safe. Here are lists to the first two


If you are on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, look for my posts throughout the week and make a comment if they resonate with you.

Thanks for what you do to improve patient safety wherever you work!

Stay safe!


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