Sunday, January 9th, was the last day of National Football League (NFL) 2021 Season. As soon as the last game ended, several teams announced they were firing their coaches. There were many reasons, most centered around poor seasons. It was interesting to read some of the comments from fans and players on social media and how upset people were.

Unfortunately, the leadership of the teams called in their chips and decided to look for new coaches to give their teams a chance next year because they wanted a winning season. This is the price of accountability in the NFL!

In Football – like in other areas, people are held accountable for the outcomes they produce. It made me think of how we (healthcare professionals) are held accountable for the outcomes we are expected to produce.

What are the outcomes that you are responsible for achieving? As a nurse advocate, I am responsible for making sure my patients understand their plan of care and have the resources to meet their needs. I work at improving communication between providers and between patients. It is challenging as I don’t always have the systems to streamline communication.

Take some time to think about the outcomes you are accountable for the work that you do. Start documenting your achievements and the value you bring to your patients and their caregivers, the healthcare team, and your organizations. This documentation will help you prove your value when your next performance review comes up, and your work is evaluated!

Have a good week and as always, thank you for reading Nurse Advocate.



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