The Very Inspiring Blogger Award 3

I am excited to announce that Nurse Advocate was recently nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award! This is an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers who inspire them and who are motivated to make the blogosphere a beautiful place. The award asks us to honor and learn more about the person behind the blog. Nurse Advocate was nominated by a  fellow Blogger and nurse colleague Greg Mercer. His Blog is Big Red Carpet Nursing.
There are some rules that accompany this award: The first rule is that I am to share 7 facts about myself. Here they are:
1.      I am married to my best friend and soulmate and live in Fort Lauderdale FL
2.      I have two brothers and one sister who are my best friends
3.      I have been a nurse since 1978 and have had a wonderful career that I would not trade for the world!
4.      My favorite sport is swimming
5.      I love to watch all sports and have a great time keeping up and sharing scores and events with friends on Facebook
6.      In November 2014,  I was diagnosed with a Central Nervous System Brain Tumor that turned my life upside down. It has been a tough year, but I am still standing
7.      My Blog; Nurse Advocate, was created as a result of this experience to educate and empower others as to how to navigate the complex healthcare system
Next, I would like to nominate 15 of my fellow Bloggers for this award. These professionals are my mentors and colleagues. Please take the time to visit their Blogs and sign up for weekly updates. 
I would also like to thank my nephew Patrick Douville and his finance Kendal Spera who are my editors and collaborates for Nurse Advocate. They keep me on target and make me look good! Thank you both so much!
 It has been a true learning experience developing and keeping up with my Blog but when I read the comments that come from those who read and share Nurse Advocate I know I am making a difference.
Finally, I would like to thank Greg Mercer of the Big Red Carpet Nursing for offering me this opportunity to share information and to be part of the exciting community of Nurse Bloggers.
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