I hope you and your families had a great holiday and are looking forward to a Happy and Healthy 2023. Each year I do a post to review the work I have done over the past year. This year was interesting to look back on. Here are some highlights!

I gained two new credentials this year. I became a Case Management Fellow and was installed at the Case Management Society of America 2022 Annual Conference. The Fellowship  Program is a new program CMSA and was rolled out in 2022 to recognize case management leaders and make them more visible in the healthcare industry. Here is the link to learn more https://cmsa.org/cm-fellow

I also earned a Board Certification in Patient Advocacy (BCPA). I did this not because I needed another credential at this time. I did it as I wrote a Review Course for the Patient Advocate Certification Review Course for the Alliance of Professional Healthcare Advocates and felt it was essential to hold the credential I was educating on. I also see Patient/Health Advocacy as an up-and-coming practice, so I wanted to hold that credential as that is the direction my career has taken me. Here is a link to the course if you are looking to become certified or want to learn more about the practice of Patient Advocacy:  https://courses.practiceuponline.com/courses/patient-advocate-certification-review-course/

I also help produce and write the 2022 Case Management Salary and Trends Survey. The report takes the pulse of the changing industry of case management. If you have not reviewed it, here is the link https://website-cmi.s3.amazonaws.com/2022+Case+Management+Salary+and+Trends+Survey+copy-compressed.pdf

I have continued to do Book Reviews from healthcare professionals who write on topics that we all can use to improve our work. If you have written a book in the genre of healthcare, feel free to reach out to me at allewellyn48@gmail.com, and we can talk about a book review! Please check out a few of these books, as they were timely and provided insights on improving our complex healthcare system.

In addition to being a Nurse Advocate and writing my weekly Blog Post, I continue to write a monthly column for VoiceNews a long-time paper for the rehabilitation industry in the State of Florida. Here is a link to one of my columns https://voicenewsonline.com/november-2022

In 2022 I  was asked to write for Workers Compensation.com as the lead writer for case management professionals in workers’ compensation. This is a subscription e-newsletter, but it is free to subscribe, so if you are in the area of workers’ compensation, I hope you will subscribe and follow me! https://www.workerscompensation.com/news_read.php?id=42078&forgot=yes

This year I wrote 44 Blog Posts on various topics. I love to read your comments as I learned from them. Thank you for reading Nurse Advocate each week. I know you have many options, and I am grateful that you find my work of value. Here is a list of the top 10 posts for 2022 that resonated with readers. If you missed one, feel free to click the link and read it!

10. Leave the Driving to Us: https://nursesadvocates.com/leave-the-driving-to-us. This post showed the innovation and disruption taking place in today’s world. Rideshares have opened the doors for people who choose not to drive an alternative way to get around. Who would have thought we would be getting into cars with strangers to go to a doctor’s appointment or to meet someone for lunch? It will be interesting to watch what comes next!

9. You Are Not Sick Enough: https://nursesadvocates.com/you-are-not-sick-enough. This post hit a chord with many readers and showed patients’ challenges when trying to find help in the complex healthcare system. WE can and must do better.

8. The Healthcare System is set up for the system, not the people who use it! https://nursesadvocates.com/the-health-care-system-is-set-up-for-the-healthcare-system-not-the-people-who-use-it. This post hit a nerve with many readers who shared some excellent tips that I did investigate to get the patient the resources he needs.

7. Today’s Your Birthday: https://nursesadvocates.com/todays-your-birthday This was a lighthearted post that got some interesting comments from readers. Check it out…and listen to the link to the song: Today’s Your Birthday by the Beetles. It will get you on your feet!

6. Every Nurses’ Worst Nightmare is Coming True in Tennessee: https://nursesadvocates.com/every-nurses-worst-nightmare-is-coming-true-in-tennessee. This post reminded many nurses how vulnerable we are and how one mistake can kill someone.

5. Working Myself Out of a Job: https://nursesadvocates.com/working-myself-out-of-a-job This post is one I am most proud of as it shows that my work is making a difference.

4. Do What is Right and not Easy: https://nursesadvocates.com/do-what-is-right-not-easy This post highlighted how hard our jobs are as case managers. Our guiding principles are the Case Management Standards of Practice. If you have not read them in a while, download your copy at www.cmsa.org/sop22

3. We Create Our Life by Our Choices: https://nursesadvocates.com/the-create-our-life-by-our-choices. This was the shortest post I have ever written, but it struck a chord with readers.

2. Getting the Word Out to the Community: How YOU can be Your Own Best Advocate: https://nursesadvocates.com/getting-the-word-out-to-the-community-how-you-can-be-your-own-best-advocate. This post highlighted a radio interview I did with my colleague Cathy Bower on Patient Advocacy. Thank you for taking the time to view the video!

1. Eight Year and Counting: https://nursesadvocates.com/eight-years-and-counting. This was the number one post of 2022. I am grateful to all of you for your continued support!

Wow, I did a lot of work in 2022!

My goal for 2023 is to do some more focused writing in the consumer space. I want to contribute to employee newsletters and show people how they can be their best advocates. Wish me luck!

To you and your families, have a happy and healthy 2023!



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