Welcome to my blog, Nurse Advocate. I decided to develop my Blog, Nurse Advocate, to share my experience as a nurse, a case manager, a nurse advocate, and, most recently, patient.  Through weekly posts, I plan to share information about my experiences, which have clarified the challenges one can go through in the healthcare system.

My goal is to help others understand how to navigate patient-centered care better and empower all to have a voice in their care.

In the following posts, I will outline the healthcare system as I know it and the people who work in it and share how each interacts with the patient regardless of where or how that patient enters the system.  I will try to post every week, add resources, and share information to help all who read better navigate their choices and experiences.
As you read along, please feel free to share your thoughts, anecdotes, and ideas for future posts.
This blog is intended to help patients, families and loved ones, healthcare team members, payers, and others who play a role, so all better understand how the system works. YOU can make your experience better by being an active participant.
I want to thank my friend Kendall Spera for her help editing this blog’s content. Kendall has a B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from the University of Maryland College Park and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore. She currently works in the field of geriatrics in an assisted living community. Together we will work to bring important, relevant information that you, your family, and friends can use to promote a safe and positive health care experience.
Anne Llewellyn


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